Ideas and suggestions


Is there an area on here for ideas or suggestions for the game?

I’m sure it will be hell sifting through everything but a set amount of votes for something, if it were to be listed on a single basis, could help with that.

With that being said, my first suggestion was going to be to alter the graphics for the fire when attacking, to fit more with Chimerak. I’m not sure how the game runs for everyone else but it seemed to run a lot smoother when attacking with Chimerak. I think this has been done though, or it has been changed enough for me to notice it.

How does everyone feel about a pay storage (paid with excess lumber or food). I think everyone has noticed that when feeding is on there is a huge amount of lumber around, and vice versa with other events. Is there anyway to allow a larger amount to be protected. For example, having the storage protect more resources if you apply food or wood to it like a perch. So if you know fortification is next, you can protect more lumber by applying food to the storage.

Just a though, feel free to chime in a let me know what you think.



[Assuming that you don’t mean because he is a warrior, as opposed to sorceror or hunter]

Each dragon has their own style of flames (though many share the same).

What do you mean by it runs smoother?


It would bog down and get choppy with some of the other dragons for me. It seemed like there was too much going on all at the same time for the game to keep up (too many pixels changing because of the size of the flames?). It could have been my phone but its a fairly new S-7 edge with the graphic all turned down, so I assumed it was the game. That and the fact that it would only happen with some dragons and not with others suggested that as well. It was typically while using the warriors and hunters though (When firing fast with the hunters). The only time I would see it slow down during a sorcerer attack, was if there were multiple defenders using power-ups simultaneously. Hope this explains a little better what I am talking about. I’m not that familiar with the technical terms to explain it better.


I would have guessed it’s your phone.

What’s your connection like?


Verizon 4G LTE at home. I thought the same thing but it runs fine now and it looks like they have altered them. Anyways, what is your thoughts on the storage idea?


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