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Hello everyone,
I just want everyone thoughts on what if we could change/edit/create the appearance of our base, just the main part of the base or entire? Eg: Flags, shapes, changes to the walls and buildings, changes to the volcano, stones, towers etc. This could be done by acquiring prizes to change the appearance thru runs or tokens to buy particular appearance change option you like in a shop.
This could create a better, more fun experience for us and bring new players.

What are everyone thoughts on this ? If a lot of us agree on this, it might make PG introduce this.


Agree this would be cool


insert my deleted comment here
Sorry I rather have cloak working than to play dress up with my base :rofl:


That’s good feedback but in the context of responding in that way to a thread about content, it’s trolling


I don’t think I’d be particularly fun, and whatever programming and art department resources it would take to carry it out I would prefer to see dedicated to bugfixes and updated appearances to towers over level 15 which would be both functional and give a visual refresh.


I was not trolling. I merely used an example of how I would prefer time be spent on fixing things that serve a purpose that we have paid for over giving PG yet another means to separate us from our money. Without using all of those words. However in response to this post question:

I would love to make my base look as original as possible. That would be great. I would love that option to exist. No way with the current state of the game would I even consider paying for that. Would probably make me quit. Honest opinion :man_shrugging:



I honestly think that would be really cool, and a great feature to have, but I would be more concerned about the players who will undoubtedly use it to their advantage, by making everything bright neon, or something like that so the attackers can’t see and/or respond appropriately to incoming threats, but what could be done with the base would ultimately be up to PG. Also, how much storage an update like that would also be a concern for many players, I for one know that my device has far to many pictures and videos, that I would rather keep then get a cool original fits-me base. But that’s just me, I can’t speak for everyone. :slight_smile:


I can think of many cool ideas that would refresh the game looks, but i dont think it would be wise of pg to even remotely consider any of them. As a matter of fact i have very little negative things to say about how the game looks in its current state. Its more about how it feels


@Simon002 I do like this idea hopefully this is taken into consideration


For improvements I think it would be a good idea to allow teammates to attack each other if done right it could help in improving bases by realigning key defenses


Agreed on that


I’m glad to see it is mostly a positive feedback. Introducing such features can make it more fun in my opinion.
For those who said fixing bugs is a priority I kinda understand you but it’s a completely different department, as the game is getting bigger, providing resources into new content is not a bad idea. It will bring more new players - more money.


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