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I think it would be neat and helpful too.
Instead of the rider always looking the same, why not match the appearance of the armor the rider is wearing?

Kind of sucks that the Rare-Legendary all looks the same but atleast the elite is different.

Right now all the Atlas riders are the exact same. All the armor is all the same. I think it would great to be able to set riders up differently because a lot of dragons are used in different ways.
You could earn specialty pieces like Hunters armor it could give Attk boosts, increased duration to cloak, faster rage regeneration, + Ammo, etc
These pieces obviously harder to come by and can either be earned a certain way or crafted at a lower rate then legendary.
Just would be nice to have different pieces to be able to set dragons up differently.

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But gear pieces with different specs would be a cool thing to add to the list i have going



Saw it mentioned once before somewhere, but the idea of riders once equipped with new gear to actually visually appear to be wearing what ever it may look like, as apposed to a generic astetic.



The only problem I see, based on comments they previously made about why they dont do dragon armor anymore is that every rider both new and old would each need to have the visuals coded in for each armor and then every time they released new armor they’d have to then code that in for every rider

So you’d need to do
all 5 offensive and 5 defensive atlas gears
all 5 offensive and 5 defensive seasonal atlas gears
the gear for Grogg, Kayla, Tor, Oksana, Terris, Tanok, Nal, Portia, Lorenzo, Bjorn, Astrid and any future seasonal riders onto each rider since they all have different visual stances

Really it just seems like a lot of work for very little payout

As for skills, I absolutely think they should start coming up with some more interesting skills. Almost every rider at this point feels like a copy and paste with the numbers changed a little. I’d like to start seeing riders that have some unique skills, similar to the 3 class specific skills that the seasonal atlas riders had. Maybe something like

  • significant increase to sorcerer and warriors attack speed
  • increase warrior’s breath attack width to hit 2 towers
  • increase to a shield’s duration

I’d just like to see some riders that werent so copy/paste but that were obtainable by everyone. If they really had wanted to give veteran riders a chance then they should have given them some unique skills and better armor


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