Ideas for Storage

Current resource “protection” is woefully inadequate (or, in the case of gold, nonexistent–interesting, since it’s the one thing that can be stolen that isn’t automatically replaced over time).

I see a few possible solutions to this from the player’s perspective:

  1. Let us make packs (lumber, food, gold). Even if the exchange rate is 2:1 or 3:1, I think most players would appreciate this. Have it be an additional function of the storage hut, and you can have slots like in the forge. So, the packs take time to make and you can make only so many at once, or finish instantly with rubies.

  2. Beaverok. (see that thread). And his twin, Sheeparok. (No thread, but same idea).

  3. A “Reinforced” mode on the storage hut.

  • When enabled, the hut protects 80% of all stored resources, including gold. However, you cannot receive resources from teammates or from atlas banks. Also, that 80% is “off-limits” – you cannot spend it or send rss to teammates except from the 20% that is available to you.
  • Once enabled, the hut must remain reinforced for 24 hours.
  • After the 24 hours, you can take the hut out whenever you choose, but you cannot enter reinforced mode again for 24 hours after returning to regular mode.
  1. Something I didn’t think of yet. :smiley:



Fabulous ideas. Can we fast track this? :eyes:

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I like 1 and 2, but I’m not a big fan of 3. Being able to transfer resources between teammates is pretty useful and common place. It would kind of suck to not be able to get resources, send much resources to others, and for other people to not be able to dump to us when they get attacked. They do have that boost for lumber or food protection which seems similar but less restrictive.

I agree that the amount normally protected does seem low. I don’t have Atlas, so I can only comment about food and lumber lol.

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Love the idea of Storage having slots like Forge!! Great idea obviously I’m not sure about being able to speed up with rubies because some could just have an endless amount of packs and the time could be longer then most spells and it would still help and definitely not hurt anything.

That would even work with the exchanging in old towers idea!
Could destroy/salvage an old tower in storage for an exchange rate of 3 to 1 or 5 to 1 to make lumber packs in the storage Hut they could even make it take 12-16 hours per pack and it cannot be sped up by rubies. That would really help limit the amount you could make but would still be useful.

The only thing about the protection idea is it could hurt lower levels progression if to many was under protection loot could be scarce and when dumping RSS fast or for egg tokens might get a bit annoying of to many was protected. I don’t know?

Dumping of resources is common practice because almost everything can be stolen.

If 80% of your resources were essentially in a lock box, what would be the need to dump?

And it would have to be used strategically rather than “almost all the time,” or the disadvantages would outweigh the advantages–for many of the reasons you have already pointed out.

I’m not married to it… Just a thought. I feel like most of the time, there is a total glut of food and lumber, and then, because of event cycles, when it is needed most, it is not there at all.

Since the penalties are pretty harsh, leaving storage in “reinforced” mode would not be advantageous. And the time limits are there so that you can’t just turn it off and on whenever. Maybe the cooldown after turning off should be longer. Maybe 48 hours. It was only an ideal. I don’t think it should be less that 24 hours.

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I agree that we need gold protection, but unfortunately the rest of your ideas are easy to exploit and dry up the food and wood economy rather quickly


Which economy is that?

There is no economy. There is either so much food and lumber that all I have to do is ask, and I have what I need, or there is nothing.

In what way would you exploit these ideas? (Not saying they cannot be, but I am curious what is meant by exploit).

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I tend to agree with @Enigma .

I don’t know how it would affect RSS events. Maybe it would make it fair for players that are busy (sleep/work) during an event start. But then it could also punish the more active players that like to hunt on a regular basis.

I think the game has already become fairly easy.
RSS packs were introduced, RSS production can be tripled, farms and mills have reached very high production levels, the food crisis is a long forgotten thing and Atlas teams even have access to banks. Players can also still dump or bounce RSS.

Currently I find the supply and demand in perfect shape.

I don’t see a need for the players or PG to focus on the storage right now unless it has to do with lowering the upgrade time to a mortal level.


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Perhaps it is only a perceived problem. Rather than an actual one.

The game rewards hoarding, but at high levels, if you’re not at least a regular (I won’t say heavy, because heavy on this game is insane anywhere else) spender, having enough food packs is almost impossible. Speedups tend to be more of a limitation than lumber.

But when I need to open 3 400k packs for one level on one dragon… Well, they don’t last very long.

But I don’t want to “fix” something that isn’t broken.

I still think being able to make packs and having at least some protection for gold would be huge improvements.

Beaverok would be more fun… But just making it a function of the storage hut would require less programming.

You and I are eventually going to have to fight over the name to the beaver dragon. I refuse to allow it to go to a vote because I already know I’ll lose that.


Well, if you add the “a” so I can pronounce it, I’m fine with Beavareemp… Unless it’s just implied. :wink:

I am willing to compromise for peace in the land.

Beavareemp Now. Beavareemp Forever.

Pax Beavareempia

Question on the 3, would you be able to reinforce one thing of the 3. example, if I wanted to reinforce gold but not wood or meat? Also what about the hat regen? I personally from 30 attacks only get to build troop 3 times. I never have gold left over unless I get lucky in the bazaar. I don’t see how a person can leave gold sitting for 24 hours and not using it unless the ways to get gold changes and we get the opportunity to get more.

I do think the protection needs to be higher. Can we get a gold boost like we have with wood and meat? The gold boost can be purchased in the forge and boost gold by so much, during attacks, for 24hrs. Raising the protection on the boost we already have would be good too.

Hmm I can’t remember ever having struggled to feed dragons during feed events. Those events are so far away from each other that I find there is plenty of time to save packs, even when you don’t spend and never open chests during breed/feed (like me).
But of course I’m not everyone and I admit D1 prizes definitely help on this matter.

Outside of events there seems to be an overflow of RSS so that shouldn’t be a problem anyway.

Personally I find RSS boosts so helpful during events that wouldn’t even have to hunt at all to max prizes and just need to login every hour to claim produced RSS.
Again this might vary for other players based on activity and teamplay.

And I’m totally with you that gold should have the same % of protection.


I’ve struggled to feed during feed events but that’s because I am an utter sadist and starve my dragons for weeks on end (at least the ones that don’t regularly fly for me) and then I’m forced to feed them all in the span of a few days. This becomes less of a problem later on I’d imagine when I have fewer and fewer dragons breeding per cycle and fewer and fewer achieving multiple levels in the single span.

That was not what I was envisioning. There needed to be a cost/penalty to offset the benefit. Otherwise, why not leave it reinforced all the time.

Here’s how I would use it if it were deployed the way I was envisioning it.
Normally, I’d be in regular mode. Let’s me send and receive just like now, I can spend as much as I have, etc.
BUT, getting more than a few million gold in one day is not easy. To level my primarch, I either need to save for several days (or more), or work with my teammates to get a large quantity and spend it the moment it hits. Depending upon how your team manages the banks, saving may not be an issue, but there is always more demand that there is gold.
Also, leading up to events, no one is spending any of the applicable resource, so they will be full or close to full. Some will be over capacity (full storage and full rss buildings). You could raid from them, but if they were reinforced, only the resources in the buildings and the 20% would be vulnerable to raiding.

You’d have to disable reinforced to use what you have, and then you’d have to wait at least 24 hours before you could go into reinforced again.

While Marez is right that with feeding, if you can, logging on every hour or so and feeding the perch dragons is an option, getting enough to say, level 12 divine dragons that you recently uncapped by getting a new lineage dragon will be a challenge. (No, I do not starve my main dragons… that is stupid.) And with fortification, my experience has always been that timers are the limiting factor, not lumber, But only because my team works together. If I were on my own, lumber would be an issue when I am trying to max the event. (or at least get that legendary glyph).

And If I had a low level lead and then finished off this level 400 who just about had his gold storage full, since he was going to unlock his third prime slot, even with 10% protection, he would lose sooooo much gold. :man_shrugging:

But again, if the consensus is there is not an issue here, then… I don’t want to fix something that ain’t broke.