Ideas from the players community for next season 💡

With only few weeks left on this season and I’m pretty sure PG must be super busy preparing the new season for us. I hope it’ll be a lot awesome and balanced than this one :crossed_fingers:t3:

I was wondering if there’s any chance for you to pass the idea to PG to add a way to use/exchange the extra seasonal keys for something at end of season ? That would be really cool @PGGalileo
Im sure there’s a lot of people who’s not getting a 2nd mythics and people who’s not getting any mythic will have keys that won’t be any use stacked in inventory for no reason.
Specially for the people who won’t be able to get a mythic it’ll be nice for them to have something for them keys :grin: at least some rss the way pg see it’s fine.

Anyways good luck! and make the next season awesome :metal:t3: We are counting days now :crazy_face:


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@ObiWanMoo you said 1 bronze chest pr key, would be a good deal ?

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No i said 5

As for leftover keys at the end of the season how about 20 platinum chests per key that would be nice to open at the start of the next season


@ObiWanMoo said no.

Yes please make gifting season keys a thing. At least by the last week of the season,This is my first few weeks on the game and I really want naja but know I will not get it however my lvl 400 friend said he would just give me the keys if he could so I think it would be a good idea.

Different from OP’s intention, so no.

Regarding OP, I think it won’t be a bad idea.
Especially since we have an extra branch with keys (2 riders, 3 dragons, 1 base boost, 1 CH. Total 42 keys, with 36 required for 2 mythics)


Buy something with them… maybe
Gift them… nope
Save them… absolutely not


This is exactly what I’m saying :+1:t3:

Gift them - that’s dumb so NO
Save them for next season - doesn’t make sense So NO


My suggestion?

Let the art and graphics team have some fun. Design portraits, base skins, whatever. Seasonal keys that AREN’T used to open mythics can be spent on those.


1k crafting scrolls per key seems reasonable

Or baseboosts. Everyone need those.

I think at the end of season, keys unused should be converted into 2k rubies each. If someone has 17 keys left, and is beating himself or herself up for not grinding more, they can find solace in getting back those hard earned keys as rubies to help forward in the game.
There should be no reason keys should go to waste as sigils. Everyone is fighting for more keys right? To unlock mythics? So why not give them a cheer boost?

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I mean the keys are just a byproduct of your progress through a season and a mechanic to allow players to have a choice and not be forced to get certain dragons/riders to get their mythic

Exactly this! Maybe Make them a useable resource if you aren’t using them on a mythic. Chests or something. But definitely No gifting or saving.


Lol at all the jokers and haters posted here :joy::joy::joy:

Thanks you so much PG @PGGalileo for making this happen :metal:t3::beers:

Every little helps :beers:


I just want a Mythic Dragon, doesn’t matter the type, with SCARLET FEVER… or even SNOWBLIND.
This spells were some of the funniest and best ingame.

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I did enjoy the scarlet fever spell…

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I’d love to see Pocket Gems present War Dragons and it’s faithful followers a proper Anniversary Season one where you bring back some all time favorite Dragons and Limited Time Stone Branch to get Stones missed for those of our Dragons we’ve been forced to retire cause were from some other age of lesser wisdom… and load it full of Player Appreciation Surprises like unlocking Hidden Dragons at Breeding … and tie it in with PG’s Blog by featuring Player and Team Spotlights profiling Players and Teams of Qualifying Mention… heck the way it’s treated now is more like flogging a dead horse giving carriage rides round Central Park… Live it up Pocket Gems celebrate and appreciate the winner you have rather than wasting time on what you’ll never achieve!