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Everyone knows that Fortification and Feeding are, for the most part, a one-day event, meaning that looting becomes famine so fast. What if PG turned these events into pvp’s, giving each team a “bank” to start with and rounds to steal opponents booty, in the sense of loot. :joy::joy:I know what ur thinking…huh huh he said booty. Pervs


Fort is not a one day event.

Banks exist; they’re in atlas.

I don’t want to have to use energy and inner fire to steal a resource on a minor event.

Just have PG fix the protection and display the correct amount when in match making


Not everybody has atlas, so it really doesn’t count when talking about something that effects the whole.


everyone has a bank and it is called Storage


beside so many horrible things this idea lead to. you would miss lots of rss from quitting players


I personally like or is always excited for minor events…pvp is boring as hell just attack random players nothing new…atleast we get new dragons and upgraded towers in these minor events…


It does not matter for fort. I have been playing for years and never failed to complete a build due to scarcity of lumber. On the other hand, running out of timers or being stuck due to builder hut eggs is fairly common. Atlas temporarily helps the timer issues until the scaling out paces it.


Okay, so the idea wasn’t that we couldn’t find enough rss, or that it was really a 1-day event, or that our castle’s bank go empty after a day; rather, it was meant like this: The most exciting part of fort is the first hours or so where everyone is full of rss and the team is in a frenzy to go looting, everyone is joining and bragging about how much they looted from whoever, so the thread was about how to extend that fun. This wasn’t a “I’ve been planning this and now my idea’s complete.” Instead, it’s more like what do you think and how could you make the minors more exciting. Breeding, for one, is boring. Yeah, new drags, but boring… So what’s your ideas?


what exactly you find it fun to do? bragging or successfully raiding a base under defended?


All of the above @Miaowme


If that is it, hasnt it alway been available to do without changing anything to get some kind of point like major event?
I still dont get what is the issue to improve and how making everyone doing something like major event would help.
I would say to no to changing anything but create an extra way to get point instead of upgrading and using timer. However, that is also mean they will increase the point cap of for the prize, which is not what many people want


First of all, why the hell did you start with a recruit template

Second, why didn’t you reformat the actual first post to give your idea for improvement

Third, this idea is half baked at best and doesn’t actually add anything to make the event better. It makes it more troublesome than any type of fix


First of all, started with the recruitment format because I don’t ever use this, and I obviously screwed up and have no idea how to undo an obvious mistake. Thanks for the ad hominem attack on my ignorance.
Second of all, really just wanted to toss an idea out there to get some positive feedback, maybe some brilliant idea that hasn’t been thought of (no, not from me—obviously)
And third, I never have to hunt food and wood, banks stay full; however, my team has a lot of fun in those first hrs racing our points up and burning (what else is this game about?!) We, as a team, don’t use the banks until after the first day of fort.
Thanks for your comments, so I guess I learned no one wants to change the minor events in any way. Hope you guys like the relaxing time off from burning during the next minors, or enjoy grinding for scraps.


Personally, I think some improvements to minor events are necessary. For example, in fort, I think the amount of wood you get should be doubled or maybe have a 0.5 or 0.75 multiplier so you don’t need to rely on other people for wood. Another improvemet would be for token payouts to, again, have a multiplier only during the breeding event. For feeding, I think they should just replace it with a xp event because I don’t like to starve my dragons and not be able to breed anything and defeat any bases.


Props to you! That’s exactly what I was hoping for. May not be a cure all, but there’s some gems in your suggestion. Maybe in the switch from feeding to xp events the xp boosts become more valuable, maybe even award points like inner fire? Well done, and thanks. Anyone else have any brilliant ideas to add to his suggestions or wanna take another vein toward improving the minors?


If feeding HAD to stay, then I think the xp bonuses(5x,4x,3x) should be doubled(that would make a 2x xp when you do all your 5x,4x, and 3x) and once again, have a multiplier to the food we get. That’s all I can think of.


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