Ideas to introduce something new during breeding week

I wanted to make a post to see if anyone had some ideas on how the breeding event could become a more interactive event with another option to build points. As of now, it’s pretty much, you sign on whenever you want and breed your dragon(s) and you are done, with perhaps a little xp runs and egg missions in the mix. I’m thinking more along the lines of in the feeding event, where you have the option to feed the perch for points.

The only thing I have thought of so far is maybe “how many egg tokens you can gain off of wars during but the breeding events”; however, that sounds like more of a team points style option.

Any idea since out there? Opinions?

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Not a bad idea, sort of like the Atlas events: you get points for leveling up stuff but can still keep on grinding points by farming poachers & mines.

Something else I thought of that could be fun would be a pairing system, where every 15 minutes during the event, the system would try to pair you with someone similar in strength. If you attack and defeat that base you would get maybe 5 points towards the final event score.

When an adjustment is made to prizing, it often doesn’t go in the player’s favor; I’d be for it otherwise. Start going for more dragons an event. Getting two garnets is rough. :joy:

more or less like integrating the mini assault to the minor event for individual points while breeding contributes to victory points and individual global ranking.

Instead of using energy, you would need your team to participate and finish the island (more like poachers and mines) to be able to attack it again.

Energy use which can’t be purchase/refilled manually by energy pack and only automated refill every 2 hours (16/16) would be use for bonus points. Each attack with bonus would cost 4 or less.

Maybe even add something like a fix 50k wood and food reward per hit.

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First of all, if there were sigils at every level, it’d be more interesting. Second, if we got points for speedups during the breeding event, it would breath new life into it. There are no events where speedups directly give points yet they’re crucial to so much of the game.


Opinion post: Some can argue that there’s some value in a more “laid back” event in between major ones so players can take it easy and prepare for the next one. Not everyone can go 100% all the time. I’m still interested in what ideas people have that aren’t as simple as just adding more rewards.


I’m not necessarily looking for more rewards added, just making rewards obtainable in this event when perhaps, you don’t want to or can’t breed? I think the classic example would be implementing something like the feeding perches part of the feeding event. When people run out of dragons to train, then they can still participate in event in some manner.

As it is currently, if you run out of tokens or don’t want to breed at the time, you have no way to participate in the event. Earlier I suggested just a simple pairing that would match up players every 15-20 mins and give you a random base to try to defeat for points. My logic behind this stemmed from egg missions and having something else similar to egg missions that could help towards your total score.

I agree that it is nice to have a laid back one and I like keeping the laid back style if it but just adding another manner for people that do want to play to put some points on the board.

It would be nice if there was some activity people could do during the event other than the normal egg token missions. Something like a series of non player bases that get consecutively harder like the island pvp event, and each harder one rewards a few more egg tokens. Maybe a dozen in total.

It you want to keep the event relaxed make it so you can do each base only once a day. If you want to make it a more unique challenge, disable assists for these runs.

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Maybe try more frequent breeding events with a shorter duration? We have so much unused time during this event we have resorted to brainstorming ways to fill the time.

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Maybe combine feeding with breeding lol so we can level up things to breed next. Everybody levels up their new dragons in breeding

Actually I let my dragons cook for 3 weeks to save the speedups and then level them with no stress and plenty of food around a week before the next breeding :see_no_evil:
Atleast when I only breed 1 dragon in a breeding event.

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How about the event from a while back where there were 4 events combined into one event and have it only once a month…that makes more sense.

Fortification for 1 day
Breeding for 1 day
Feeding for 1 day
Mini Gauntlet (Older version, not PvP) for 2 days

Turns it into the typical 5 day event we usually have and will keep it more engaging as you won’t be done with the event after 1 hr.

I don’t think we should have the breeding event more often, I think it is too frequent as it is…though I understand why as smaller level players will have sufficient eggs to actually breed something. I get a new dragon bred after 2 or 3 events…lol

I think we should get rid of the feeding event all together…there are too many players holding off on leveling their dragons! When you get to a high enough level, it is no problem, but for those who aren’t, they stay small for too long because of the constant state of waiting.

I miss the original xp event we had years ago…one of my best memories in this game…kept me on the game almost the entire event grinding for the next tier! (though back then I was only getting 3k xp a run and now I get just over 400k at max…lol)

I don’t mind not finishing the prize tier if I don’t spend…almost every game I have every played is like that. PtP will always be in a different league then those who don’t, and that’s ok!! But those who aren’t paying need to be patient and stick with it, you can’t expect to get the same rewards or strength as someone who started 3 years ago unless you pay through your nose…


This isn’t the worst idea, but the problem I see with it is there are players who like to have time to level a dragon after hatching it so that they can get it to breedable and then use it as a parent in the same event. Having a 1-day breeding event doesn’t make that a plausible thing to do for a lot of people. Also, for a lot of folks, 3 of the 5 days are work days… meaning that they have less time to participate on those three days.

I personally like the events the way they are ordered and I think the length is fine, but for breeding in particular I would like to see some sort of hunting component like there is for fortification. (Needing to hit players for wood). Maybe monuments have a chance at token drops during breeding in addition to chests. Or possibly you have something akin to a bonus meter where if you attack “x” number of bases you earn a gradually increasing percent of reduction to token cost when breeding that caps and lasts a short amount of time. Not exactly sure how it would work, but it’d be one way to make the higher tiers a little more accessible without simply lowering the costs. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for that… but failing that, this could be a solution, or at least a temporary one


Pls not. I actually use the whole breeding event to breed and wouldn’t want it shorter.

I agree with this. Breeding events are often times my breather where I can get all the nonsense done quickly and spend the rest of the week working on leveling up dragons or otherwise just decompressing in preparation for another slog of evens.

How about everyone gets a mini personal Blackblood island chain that you could work your way around and as you defeated it, perhaps you could score some points for the bases that you complete. It would be relative to your level and strength, no assistance allowed. Resetting daily. Thus giving everyone a new mission each day, if they want it. By not allowing assistance it would keep the independence and solo nature of this event.

Now wherever could you have gotten that idea from? :grin:

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Thank you @Xexamedes!

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