Idiots everywhere

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I knew you’d all miss me at some point.



I identify with number 3 and 4.

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It helps to put the most noisy, annoying, or content-free people on ignore.

Wait… how many have me ignored I wonder…

is technically still full of useful info, as to the other points, honestly there is always been a high level of elitism and toxicity in the forums. Nothing new in my opinion.


4 Idiots who mostly post cat memes.

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You for forgot #5.

  1. People who know what they’re talking about but don’t bother commenting because they’re sick of saying the same things over and over again.

What rune do I put on Ronin? :eyes:


Try these

Get it? Maca-rune. See what I did there? Classic comedy.




I believe all the points here from everyone could be cured if someone on Pg staff dedicated to create topics with gathered info from other topics not allowing comments. It’s a pain to search info and many times getting to 1k posts where the info is all scattered. What would this allow:

  • Easy reachable info without the need of creating multiple same posts
  • Less frustration from the people compelled to answer those questions
  • Less violence

Would that wonderful person from Pg staff venture to create a more peaceful forum? :vulcan_salute::grin:


The search functionality is usually pretty good. It’s very easy to find out that there is no way of obtaining previously unobtained evo stones, for example. People just don’t look.

Try opening a new topic and type evolution stones as the subject. You gets loads of suggestions as to what your topic is similar to. I don’t think PG need to commit anyone to this.

There are some topics which are more difficult to find and this is due to individual titles and how people frame information. For instance, if I want to find out what level dragons I should really have for my base level, what would I type in the search bar?

Edited since that was a peculiar example 🙆

The problem is freedom of speech. I vote for the mods to read every post before it can be released to the forum. :nerd_face:

I vote for this too so I can send them stuff they can never unsee. :joy::joy:


I bet it would be the most traumatised cat picture ever!!!

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