Idk.....i need help

Should i start Samhrad or should i get Fomhar’s next two evo stones :neutral_face::upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face::no_mouth::expressionless:

What breeding tier are you in and what stones do you have for Fomhar? :t_rex:

i have his green evo stone…should i get his gold and platinum

Yes. Get a few stones ahead of your current breeding tier so the dragon will last you a while. Continue with Fomhar. :t_rex:


Not getting at least gold evo stone is a huge mistake due to huge power leap at 84…


Fomhar is awesome. I wish I had two stones past Harbinger.

Galaxy stone for Fomhar!!!


one of the easiest questions ever: FOM is great, SAM sucks hard!
Go for FOM as high as possible if you ain´t planning on getting the rider

Keep going with Fomhar. Easy Decision

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