IF and Energy Packs

Has anyone noticed a substantial decrease in the number of chest drops with IF and energy refills? They seem to be getting more and more rare with each event.

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Drop rates haven’t changed, so statistically, no. Are you using up more than you’re gaining (okay, who isn’t…) so it feels like you’re obtaining less? :t_rex:


Thanks for the feedback. I reflected on what you wrote but the thing is I’ve been extremely conservative with my IF and energy packs. Yes I’m using them but at a much lower rate than I have in the past. The expectation would then be my stockpile should increase as it has in the past. However, that’s not been the case at all. My stockpile continues to decrease with almost no replenishments. Not sure anything can be done about it but was curious if anyone else has observed the same trend. Thanks again.

Can’t say I’ve seen a lot of energy packs. I haven’t been looking at IF drops, due to the number I have.

Drops are in a fixed order. If you open a certain amount of chests you will know exactly what you will get. If it’s a small number of chests your opening then you may have started at a poor spot in the rotation but the drop rate shouldn’t have changed.

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Maybe you opened less than 100. Try 100 and tell me if you did not get enough IF and epack

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