IF and instant heal

When o when are you gonna fix the instant heal with no damage on second and third dragons with if’s? seems like its every pvp it doesn’t work


Yep, it has been around forever and I’m pretty sure it has to do with HP boosts (rounding of HP when adding boosts). If you have HP boost applied and remove it, then add IF or already have IF applied then add HP boost it seems to be an issue.

I’ve found that if I’m removing HP boosts before adding IF, I need to remove the boost first, go back to the roster and select the dragon again, then add IF. Since I started doing this I haven’t had this issue.

It would be nice if it were fixed though.

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I dont use any boost on 2nd or 3rd dragons as they just hitting the base with no towers left.

Tried removing the if, adding another spell and then swopping back and still the same, getting heal time

Then add the HP boost.

Some dragons get the auto heal with the boosts on, some dragons only get it with boosts off. If you’re not getting the insta-heal, just flip it.

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Unfortunately riders and research count as boost, thus manipulating riders / consumables might work.

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I’ve also noticed that if you level up with IF equipped it will cause this too. I had that happen this event. So I removed IF and got enough xp to level again and leveling without IF fixed it.

For info/help like all that is mentioned, I wish there was a video or something to just show this working, otherwise I’d rather just keep using my Healing Potions. The adding/not adding Hp buffs and select/reselecting the dragon and IF are a bit confusing.