If u could give a dragon a makeover which one would it be and why?

You can include changing spells, colors, class, etc.


I’d give krelos a bath a clean up that head of hair :joy:, maybe some purple in there or green?

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I’d make Krygant look like an icy Chunk. Such a great dragon with such an unfortunate case of NeedsToBagThatFace


Id throw a few tictacs or breath mints at a few dragons.

Cause this big boy DEFINITELY needs one.


I’d make barbend 20 times the size, just so that he takes up the whole damn screen so players can’t see what they’re hitting.

…oh wait, that wouldn’t make a difference :thinking:

His purple skin looks awesome though when I see it flown!

I personally prefer his legendary skin. Blue > Purple
Plus I like the black mask better than the gold so it doesn’t draw attention to that horrible face in there

Definitely Barbend. He was a dragon from spring season- we used to get pretty flowery dragons during the spring. Now we are consistently getting ugly dragons each time (don’t even get me started on the hunter from this season)


Durgotth is actually kinda cute in my opinion…i wouldnt change his looks at all.


Barbend. I’d make it look like Morphos. Or at least have that coloring. Even hideous dragons can look pretty in flight if the colors are cool. :face_holding_back_tears:

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I wouldn’t decide who I’d probably end up adding myself to that bath which probably isn’t the brightest idea if the the tub isn’t a large size, just add in another tub problem solved.

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