If you had one game do-over, what would it be?

I wouldn’t have spent all my elemental embers on a totem. :weary:


I would have built a better base earlier…

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I would’ve started building my base short

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I would’ve followed a breeding guide sooner… So many wasted tokens… :confounded:

Ember level 1. I wouldn’t create alts if I had it. Screwed up my attention to actual account.


Hoarding more egg tokens. :rofl:

“I have so many extra egg tokens; let’s do some research!” -> “…where are the egg tokens :sob:

Also, this is still on topic :smiley: @moderators


Start the game about a year earlier. :grimacing:


Short base, proper breeding path, no totem


Join an alliance sooner
(late joining makes my base long enough, and level up Ember)

More evo stones for Necryx.

Speaking of which, I’ve just had a really great idea…

  1. Not opened any chests my first season as I started 1/2 way in.
  2. Had a defense plan before level 100
  3. Found the breeding plans level 1
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Nothing. Every step was a lesson that’s made me a better player.


Not train Ember to lvl2 when I thought I was training Kinara. Doh! lol


Hammer the events when rubies and rewards were in abundance and helped with progress. I miss rubies in event prizes :disappointed:.


I wouldn’t have built a second dark flak :see_no_evil:

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That can be fixed later… (if you get loads of elemental embers :grin:)

I fixed it just wish I didn’t invest the embers into a now stored tower

No. I mean when you have enough embers for 2 flaks

I have enough embers just doesn’t fit my base layout

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This is great, especially to hear from all “ages” of players.

I’ll keep watching this one.

Hopefully it doesn’t become e threadnought. :slight_smile:

I am very curious to see if the primary “I wish…” coalesce around a few or scatter out

My biggest redo would be knowing to start with a shorter base. My second would be having started with a breeding path. And now that they matter, I wish I could have back all the embers input into tokens just for points (I have all of them, not all max level, but many thousands of embers lost forever). There are others but those are the biggest three. Ember… But oh well. Costs me portions more than anything else.