If you had one game do-over, what would it be?


One thing I wish I could do over?

To never have installed the game and been sucked into this never ending money pit. Someone had to say it.

I’m still waiting for end game to appear. I’m thinking Harbinger is a hint.


That’s one I didn’t expect. Way before my time … I don’t remember rubies in team prizes.


I just started as the phased it out. @Panda you have any pics of the old day prizes?


Used a breeding path earlier.


built a short base…


I can check, but mostly would have avoided ballistas or joined Dread sooner.


Breeding guide and short base.

I also would have waited to buy packs since you used to get less than half the rubies for the same price. Think it was 12.5k rubies in the hundo packs back then.


Built shorter and avoided totems, miss those lost embers now


Have no fear, this might come back around and be good for you. Although they have withdrawn the mega nerf of the flaks, it gives us a clear picture where they want to go. I expect flaks to get whittled away by a dozen or so small nerfs over the next year.

This might make totems relevant again some day.


12.7k actually :slight_smile:


Apparently embers become so abundant that you don’t want them anymore eventually. Same with fire and ice shards. This hasn’t happened to me yet but some bigger players on the forums have said this. They ask PG to take them out of the gold chests.


Naw, totems weren’t ever worthwhile. I had the embers and the flaks weren’t out yet. In the early days, my mindset was to use what I had right away instead of saving it for later. :see_no_evil:


build a short base and use breeding paths from the beginning :joy:


I should have been satisfied with playing solitaire.


Or minesweeper. Both no in app purchases required lol.


I would have only built one of each farm. :sweat: (why can’t we store those?)


I don’t think it is possible to upgrade the storage without two of each mill/farm.


:thinking: would have never put $ Into my account for Pg to f it up :joy: but at least Apple gives refunds


I would have…
-kept Ember at Level 1
-Focused on Zamrok and Borgian instead of Drakius and Kinnarus
-gone for more of Necryx’s stones
-Gotten Avyx at the start of the season instead of halfway through.

Although I had a long base at level 30, it got rehab in time to not loose too much power. So fortunately this is one bullet I think I dodged.


It is to a point. I made an account for my oldest to play on and it only has two. But it is only level 50 or 60 now. I’m not sure how well it would have worked on my primary. It would have been fun to try. :slight_smile: