If you had one game do-over, what would it be?


Learnt something new. Thanks :+1:t3:


Haha. You’re welcome.


:thinking: I think this off-topic thread is well off topic since it’s about War Dragons and the ‘off-topic’ is meant to be for discussion that isn’t about WD…

Saying that I would have saved all my timers at low level and not sped anything up. They weren’t really needed on my baby account. Now though a decent effective amount of them is really hard to come by.


I’d have remembered the lottery numbers and then gone back to put them on and win big :smirk:.


Wouldn’t have leveled Ember.
Every other issue can be overcome.
Once you level Ember you’ve lost your opportunity to spam the 30 ruby egg missions, FOREVER.


I wish that would never been happened.
Elemental embers are so useful for lower leveled player that most of them will think twice before using it. Perhaps WD needs a pawn shop to sell those Embers


I’d have gotten necryx instead of chimerak. What the hell was I thinking?!


That Nec was too ugly for you to have to look at everyday? :smirk:


Oh, god, me too, Joe. I do love Chim but I missed out big time… If only I knew how much I’d value hunters in the future (right now)… :persevere:


I’d have built a shorter base and started a breeding path from the beginning, but even before that I wish I’d visited the forums first thing, then I’d have known to build short and start a breeding path.


*Joined a good team sooner. First team feels like a transition team, nobody really around to chat or teach me anything. That lead me to my biggest mistake which is going for spindra line without fully knowing what it actually is. Only after joining the second team i knew how the season tab works and switch the line to necryx after seeing how badass a teammate fly him. Cant get him too far tho :disappointed_relieved:
*Or found this forum sooner. :grin:


Spindra is actually a pretty good dragon. You should research how to fly it. It can do some amazing things.


Nah it’s outleveled already. I never really fond of sorcerer anyway, that’s the biggest reason why I’m suck at it. But thanks I’ll check it for entertainment :grinning:


Learned about sigils earlier, wasted all my winter 17 sigils not knowing what they are for :sob::sweat_smile:


Not the salvage yard idea again…this idea has been had like 5000 times by different people. PG even tried to build one once but discovered that they cant code for crap and the resulting salvage yard was so insecure that it was basically a god mode for hackers.


I mean Campuslifer said that it’s not possible for now. Perhaps later, when WD’s security is strong enough


I think for a lot their biggest mistake was to hit download


I would never have spent on event dragons.

By the time I reached the requirements to expert them they were so old the showed in black and white :roll_eyes:


That i didn’t delete this game after day 1…


Aww, Mike and Panda agreeing on something. That’s a good start. :smirk: