If you have corrected this area, correct the others or return this area to its original appearance

recently one player wrote this topic

and you drew a passage from neutral territory to the Islands.
I don’t think that’s fair! because the game is full of Islands who do not have access to the neutral zone, as these for example:

and here it is necessary to add a neutral zone on the perimeter

or take away passage in neutral territory in those regions, where have sketched yesterday


This would be more then fair, why changing things that were functioning already? Yes, in the Land that was fixed was no way in from NML, but there was a way in from adjasent territories throughwich it was conquered.

So what were the reasons that you added paths from NML only in this territory???

If you “fixed” this one, then be fair and “fix” all other lands adjacent to NML without roads, or undo this particular one!

It was changed because the image shown in my other post was a land with 4 castles and no paths. Not no paths to neutral but no paths to any other territory. This was clearly broken I suggested the reason could have been because a number of those lands didn’t have neutral acces and were meant to. They seemed to fix the whole region so evidently they thought it was broken


Yeah OP should actually look more at the request in the other thread. It had no paths in/out of the territory, not just neutral connections but to ANY other land.

I specifically asked that as post #2 in the other thread…so don’t know how you guys missed it


if there were no ways, how were they captured?

PG fixed it this last patch

My suspicion is that they were flown to when land was released and they were vacant.
You can fly to your own castles, and ally castles but not enemy castles correct? I think that this is where the error came in, nobody could fly to them and no direct paths so they couldn’t be taken


Pretty sure they used to have paths one of our teams land regained a long lost path this patch as well. However you’re best asking the teams who took them how they took them. But I can’t believe we’re really going to argue about if land should have paths in and out. Surely we can agree that it should be possible to get into at least one neighbouring land from every land.

So there were ways and it was possible to move quietly between regions, but why drew excess ways to a neutral zone?

It is necessary then to be honest to draw the path in the neutral zone from all the Islands on the map

I don’t think that is the case. I think there was no way possible to move into the region. Read the other thread again.

They could have added a path to the neutral zone
They could have added a path from a castle to another region
They could have added a path to a NML region if there was one there

It wasn’t specified that it needed to be connected to neutral (like you are insisting), just ANY connection was required for enemies to get into the land somehow

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Something like this it what I believe happened 3-4 months ago the lands appear and had paths

A few weeks later the paths got accidentally removed in a patch

Players myself included pitched for paths to be readded because it should be possible to access any land evenetually even if you have to go through 20 other castles first.

Few days ago PG added/readded paths.

Now people are complaining because their land has actual paths in and out as opposed to no paths AT ALL.

Yeah I think they had an error in the file that defines roads which broke all roads below a certain point. (This or something like it has for sure happened after more than one release)

Shortly after problems reported they fixed them but I bet in at least one case they either didn’t fix the root cause but fixed it so all roads below the reported one were now working. (Imagine a closing tag missing type error)

Also possible they had more than one errors. But I know for example they had an issue after the platinum land release that was quickly resolved, but some lands were still broken and never fixed for some reason

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I agree and we have one of those as djdom pointed out to everyone :joy:. I don’t mind the change, but a heads up from pg would have been nice.

That’s wasn’t my teams issue, our issue was that it was changed with no notice after you posted a picture which made it an easy target for anyone paying attention. PG should have given a heads up that a new path was going to,appear.

So you wanted PG to let everyone know when the path would be added so they could start building more troops and be ready to attack as soon as the path got added?

Take the long way around

these cities didn’t have a pass from the neutral zone and they were protected from this side, and now they are under attack

Someone is attacking a Castle in Atlas? :exploding_head:


I say that added passes where they were not originally and now this region is not safe, so I ask you to add or everywhere around the perimeter of the map such passes or remove passes from the neutral zone where they were added last time