If you were a Dragon what would you be


Summon Warrior
Spell Flux
Dark Flak Resist


Alefey (Ice, Sorcerer)
—Steal Essence
—Spell Flux
—Ice Flak Resist

Huh. :man_shrugging:


Hi Ann! :wave::joy:


Vinong - wow that’s really bad
–Sorcerer (maybe this could get somewhere after a bad name start)
–Summon warrior (ok - sorc spell I like it)
–Intimidating roar (what the!?)
–Dark flak resist (ok I can work with this)

Would I fly myself? Hell no! :rofl:


Oh, this is cool! If I was a dragon, I would be a very shy one, expert in gaining advantage from every situation. The short name makes it even more unique (I don’t have a middle name to begin with)

Odi, the wind warrior


Element: Wind
Type: Warrior
Spell 1: Cloak
Spell 2: Explosive shield
Resist: Ice Turret resist


A bit off topic. In my country, there is one person with the name Y. If she joins and play WD, what will her dragon name?


It would simply be shorter… if her whole name is Y then it would be Y


Name: Steker
Class: Hunter
Element: Wind
Spells: Thunderstorm and Spell Flux
Resist: Dark Flak


It’s actually Anne (with an e) like in Anne of Green Gables :laughing: My mum loves those books.


I took one look, saw that it would assign me a warrior dragon, and walked away. :joy:


Wind Warrior
Explosive Shield
Fire Turret Resist

Although I am curious about the combination of cloak and explosive shield. Time it so the shield pops while cloaked, all the towers would be like ‘wtf was that?!?’


Nope, when explosive shield explodes, it ends cloak.


as it should, dealing damage. Up to that point though… no warning.
I guess I’ve just never tried that combination


Nicell ~ Hunter ~ Wind ~ Summon Warrior ~ Death Daze ~ Dark Flak Resist ~ Doesn’t sound too bad even with the summon. Take the heat off on some of those hard middle islands.


I’d be
A dark sorcerer with havok, steak essence, and Ice turret resist.
(Of course with no sorc spells :thinking:)

the issues with when your last name ends with ers. It sounds weird when you make a dragon name


I guess anyone with green eyes and blonde hair gets only one spell :joy:


No he gets a double steal essence :stuck_out_tongue:
Double steal essence >>>> All :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Lol :joy: Thats why I find this funny because some have the wildest combinations


Oops did i put same ones :woman_facepalming:t2:


I’d be Beavareemp