If you're really tired of the direction towers are going. .

Then don’t build any of the new flak.

You have new levels to play with, so you can all score well in the event without the new tower.

You want the game to be different? Then act differently. Don’t pay for stuff you don’t want just because it’s new and shiny. That’s what PG is counting on.

None of us needs these new flak towers. We didn’t ask for them. But if you buy them, don’t be surprised when the wind flak and the earth flak show up. And now you I’ll have more flaks than you have places to put them.

Is that what you want? It’s not what I want.

I refuse to build this new tower. I hope I am not alone in doing so.


  • I will not build this new flak (this time).
  • I will build this flak.
  • I have not yet decided.

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I have my next 5 fort events planned so I have 5 months for new towers to come out before it’s time to build my next flak lol


d) I don’t even have enough elemental shards to upgrade my current flaks.


I’ve got 15k shards but I know that that won’t be able to sustain two flaks on my base… and even if I could, I think I’d go for a Fire Flak :man_shrugging:

Edit: Embers, not shards :man_facepalming: :t_rex:

I started a fire flak last fort event. Definitely won’t be able to handle more than two…


It’ll take up all my embers (give or take a bit, I don’t do exact math very well :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) to raise a second Flak to lvl31 (my current level cap) so yeah, no second flak for me. I’d probably replace my Fire Turret with one, but I don’t open chests during fortification, so I don’t have much ember income anyways :cold_sweat: :t_rex:

Maybe the whole idea is that some have different types of flaks rather then someone using the same ones? I don’t see the big deal here. If you want it go for it. If you have a flak or more you are working on then work on them,

If you want to to get the tower, then I think you should get it.


@Arelyna @PGCrisis we get ice and fire shards at 1k per legendary drop and are good for only one tower. We now have 4 elemental towers with more on the way. I don’t know how much you play on real accounts, or just random high lvl pg accounts, but can you explain to us how it makes sense for only 1.5k embers to drop when they’re needed for 4 towers? Or can a PG rep come admit the real reason for this (as if we don’t know)? why don’t you guys want new players and potential spenders? I’m concerned about the future of this game, which is unique and likely not to be replicated (spender model easily replicated). How the eff is anyone downloading this game for the first time going to care to keep playing once they figure out they’ll never be able to have most of the content that is advertised


I’d build it if I had the embers, but I’m already trying to maintain 2 flaks which is hard enough.


You forgot the pearls… Which drop in smaller quantities and less frequently. :man_shrugging:


Another one for the list.

But the percentage of ember drops is also 4x higher than fire and ice shards. I don’t think it’s that different tbh

And fire and ice towers are how many times more worthless than flaks?

Edit: 3.42% fire same as ice 5.98% embers (legendary drop)


When did they become worthless?!!! :flushed:

Edit: Gonna check your base for turrets. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Max ballista all the way.



I shouldn’t have been so literal. I know my eyes light up when I see a base with underleveled flaks and high level fire and ice. dodge fire, resist ice.


The worth is not what determines drops from PG point of view.
They are definitely not going to make same mistake as black pearls. It’s asking for more bad things. 4x drop rate and 1.5 times the quantity makes it 6x.
So it depends on priority to open gold chests in fort or not.
But then again, too many flaks just means asking for too much and diverted attention to flaks.
So idk . I am torn.
Edit: I have been speaking from memory. I think I was comparing PvP shard drops to fort ember drops. Sorry for that. Being a cheapstake , I say there are wpic ember drops as well :see_no_evil:.
But then yes , that’s wrong numbers I put out. I will check my numbers again and add numbers later

I have about enough embers to max out my dark flak and a new electro flak. I did have a fire flak 2/3 built last time, so my choices are to either continue on even though it’s no longer optimal, or switch.

I think the current game design direction is unsustainable and will run the game into the ground (not in the next few months, but also not too far in the future), so I’m intensely supportive of this sort of call to action, generally.

I’m a little skeptical of it in this case, since it seems like a lot of other things (lack of breeding scaling, lack of speedup scaling, lack of catchup mechanics, certain resources being stripped from the game, Atlas benefits meaning that the only scaling is currently regressive, increasing difficulty for new/mid level players with fewer rewards) are much more destructive to the health of the game than this.

But, I dunno. If you get a proper boycott going here, I’ll join in in solidarity. I won’t spend money on them in either case.