If you've ever been labeled a troll or flagged, this ones for you


:beers: Merry f’ing Christmas you free-thinkers and wild spirits

Let’s just go ahead and invite all of the WDF counterculture thinkers and hell raisers to come drink with us here.

What’s the dumbest thing you’ve been flagged for?


I flagged this :joy: in good humour :wink:


Dumbest thing I’ve been flagged for?

Being off topic in off topic threads :man_shrugging:

Or even better, for telling the truth, yet I was lying :man_shrugging:


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


I got flagged once for a comment that was semi-off topic but not quite. I got flagged about 2-4 times on the same comment


That flag took longer than expected :joy::joy::joy:


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


XD u called it m8


I was flagged for saying Somnus is not a good dragon.


Never underestimate sommus…the lvl 10s will have at you!!!


I was called a troll…for nvm…


My posts get flagged often :thinking: i would like to think it’s cause I roast them so hard with logic and I’m a fucking god but it’s most likely cause they are sensitive snowflakes.


I got flag because I was so straightforward that it was considered plain rude, and once being off-topic.

Oh, and for two months this summer I was guarding a wee bridge, controlling people who wanted to cross: I was the bridge troll. :smile:


I was flagged for the first time in the word game thread in off topic (change the first or last word)
What I said was only inappropriate if you had a dirty mind… got flagged… I think they should have self flagged for being in the gutter :stuck_out_tongue:


I got banned for a day for trying to point out how many forum posts were just call-out threads accusing other teams of cheating.


I got flagged once because I replied to a week old topic 🤦 and then defended myself against an upset group member with a little bit of grit 🤷


I got flagged for congratulating to masterminds behind new UI, especially for magnificent and tremendous improvement to player experience by switching food and wood bars


Trolls you say :unamused::


I got flagged for pointing out to PG a prior spotlight player was banned. Even though everyone in the game knew that player had bought that big account. :man_shrugging:


Idk if this is the dumbest cause i get flagged a lot but its definitely up there… in my own thread too lol