If you've ever been labeled a troll or flagged, this ones for you


Lol you a gatdamn savage… even if you only a demi-god :smirk:


:joy::joy::joy::joy: awe that’s nice of you . Haha



Sam sure does get flagged a lot for doing that baby troll pic


I e got flagged for posting on topic in the off topic section, because some idiot thought it wasn’t on the topic of the game :woman_facepalming:t3:


I remember seeing that it was hilarious :joy:


I got flagged for having a different opinion/perspective than another member.

I don’t mind being flagged though, it’s like a NSFW tag for free😂


Hmm I think there is a shorter list of things that people DONT get flagged for honestly.


I got flagged several times for calling the word game stupid​:rofl::rofl:. Why. Is there a real point to it and is stupid a bad word?


I got flagged for that too :rofl::rofl::rofl: funny forum police


dumbest? either for saying that the winter dragon release would be garbage or that Gunnar looked like an assblaster from Tremors



Got flagged for asking why Mike was making sheep noises :smiley:


Got flagged for calling morons out on forums. Cheers :beers:


Lmao flagged for telling us you got flagged for saying hi to a friend :rofl::rofl:


Got flagged to mention kinnarus as OP dragon.


That seems like a justifiable flag to me lol


I got flagged for asking Mech at what level does a base get balls, cuz mine only had a level 2 pecker.




I need a link to like it, dude.

Me…I got suspended for saying Dota2 was a game that had game balance, unlike this one. :rofl:


:scream: I can’t believe you actually got banned for that!


Looks like they removed my original post, but Tin quoted it in full, so no loss :rofl:

Check out the dates. I mean, I knew they were insecure about WD, but this was honestly a new low at the time for me.