If you've ever been labeled a troll or flagged, this ones for you


I got banned for 24 hours and my thread was closed for asking PG employees not to close every single thread for no reason and allow people to express theirselves.


I was flagged for calling out my girl for flirting with a married man. :face_with_monocle:


Yea I think that’s one takes the cake


Roughly 6 hours ago my post got flagged. There was a shoe mentioned in general, the flagger indicated that it fit them. :slight_smile:


I got flagged for sugesting dragon name, now it named somnus. They cant handle my sugesting name


What name did you suggest anyway?


Hopefully something with the word “pecker” in it.


Im afraid if i post here, ill flaged again :smiley:


I have to pick Just one stupid thing I was flagged for? I have too many to choose from. Although my favorite is being flagged for calling people snowflakes. That’s the funniest as it just proves my point every damn time they do that.


Why don’t snowflakes melt or blow away? I think calling these sensitive folk snowflakes might be being too kind. There is a very infectious sensitivity virus.


That’s not too homophobic…


You know what…I actually never realized that it was until you pointed it out. Is that really the origin of that expression?


I don’t know for certain, but I have always gotten the sense it was

Unfortunately there are a LOT of things we say like “rule of thumb” that Folks don’t realize their origin.

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