Ikaros Starry night spell does not heal %20

Ikaros’ starry night spell heals like %5 (maybe less) and It was advertised as %20. I do not think it will have a chance to kill even undefended max bases at the moment.

@PGGalileo Could you please take a look into this?


@FieryxFury :face_with_monocle:


Hey, don’t look at me, you have them too :joy:


The post says 20% of BASE HP, which works out around 10% of modified HP once you factor in gear etc.

That being said @PGrdm can you please confirm the config?


Morreion’s site says it’s modified HP, and I’d usually trust that more than any announcement.

Color: Blue
Description: Absorbs all elemental damage and instantly recovers some health.
Healing: 20% of modified HP

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I know what we tested :slight_smile:


I guess I read it as %20 modified hp somewhere. The post says base hp. As I have %164 hp bonus, It is healing like %7.5. It does not even feels like %7.5 tbh.

Anyway, I do not think It will be worthy enough to fly with this amount of healing.

His site describes spell based on attributes. Tbh, this is the first Adaptive breath with HP heal.

You can cast it every 5s

It does say modified hp on my site but that’s mostly because, since spell scaling was introduced, all spells should work off of modified hp. However I think this is the first spell in its family to actually heal so it might simply be bugged or never adapted to scaling properly.

Also I think the word “base” is used in the announcement post in the sense that it’s 20% of the original starting hp, and not 20% of whatever hp you have currently left, but that’s just speculation from me.


It really does not matter with the amount of healing. It has no chance defended.

Well… I got some prizes by getting a useless dragon. :joy:

Maybe think how can you minimise the number of towers that can hit you at any time?

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Thanks for the advice. :joy:

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Pretty sure Lawson said it is modified HP during the stream. Like 100% sure he said that when asked unless they decided to change it since then

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I guess I was cheating when this happened then.

This was my first run in about 3 weeks. Actual run, not even ikaros run. I’ve been busy because life sucks, so this could’ve even been flown better.


The problem is that it recovers too little life and in any case the red spell that recovers rage, it takes away that bit of life that it recovers with the blue spell, so practically it is as if it almost never recovered it … even if I still used little Ikaros and surely I have to learn to use it better and better manage its spells, I believe that an increase in health recovery is due to allow ikaros to face 100B bases with defenders and allow them to destroy them with defenders.


Well uh… the invoker invoke kind of locks things down… so like… they can’t supershot anymore…
sorry a triple defended run isn’t enough for you?
Please fly for hours to get defended footage and create content and get in the CF since it’s that easy! :slight_smile:


I know this is flagged… but who in this entire thread said any of that? Your insolence is very uncalled for. Who said anyone was defending PG? And why did you feel the need to verbally attack Dad for just posting a video?

This here was also uncalled for.


I have to agree with Summer, what does an Youtube Vid against an weak base with 3 def show? Right nothing.


A 10 tower base that’s 30b is weak?
That’s what most people are hitting.
So sorry this couldn’t be a 90b full base that most of the community doesn’t have to face.

My base with 10 x 110-112 towers WITH base boost is 20b with full elite gear and Crom maxed with multiple mythic and exotic runes. Idk what more you want dude. Nothing anyone does or shows is good enough for you. Make content yourself.

These videos are to help people by showcasing the dragons. I’ve also flown them LIVE on stream for 2 hours, good and bad runs.