Ikkumma - Basic Guide

Hello ! I’ve seen some people struggle with Ikkumma, and since I’ve just gone through it with a teammate with some measure of success, here are a few explanations about how to set in motion the spell rotation that gets this baby moving.

The dragon:

A very rewarding dragon that packs a punch. Requires some training, but once you figure out the rotation of his spells, he flies like a dream. Pretty squishy went hit, and cannot heal, he’s completely dependent on the rage that allows him to cycle from cloak to shield to cloak. That being said all his spells only require one rage so yay!

The class - quick reminder of how invokers work:

Ikkumma’s an invoker, meaning he has limited ammo: four shots, the fourth of which is a burst shot. Only once all shots are used, does an invoker refill them. It’ll then go through a cooldown period while it reloads. Luckily, Ikkumma’s very good at protecting itself while it’s vulnerable.

The skills :

Invoke (passive) : Ikkumma’s empowered shot and it packs a punch. Very good engage for a difficult island, it’s actually often more interesting to take a couple of edifices out on the turn before an island and start by laying fire with the Invoked shot, but we’ll get back to this.

When aimed correctly and on some specific island configurations, it also has a small aoe that can take two towers out in one go, but that’s more advanced so I won’t be focusing on it. Still, here are some resources kindly shared by @FieryxFury for anyone interested.

Incinerating Bolts (red) - 1 rage : This is a non-targetable single hit spell, meaning when cast it’ll launch at a random nearby turret (wherein “random” is debatable, as there seems to be a pattern). While it hits hard enough to destroy any towers its level, it’s not a death gaze. You will be quite pikachu-faced if you get greedy, hit too high, and find out the tower you hoped to one-shot survived. A good spell, a strong spell, and not one you’ll use often. The invoke shot does just the same without using rage.

Still, it comes in handy to finish a perch after clearing an island and being out of shots, for example. If your shield has left a mark on the tower you destroy with it, it comes at half price too.

Persevere (blue) - 1 rage : Your bread. Ikkumma’s shield, which protects from damage and red mage rage drain and leaves out ½ rage marks when it dissipates. As a shield, it’s vulnerable to shield breaking supershots, and that’s when the last spell of this kit can come into play.

Smoke Form (white) - 1 rage : The butter to your bread. A two seconds cloak at the end of which your attack damage is enhanced for a very short duration. It also slows you down while it’s up. Like any cloak, if you attack while it’s on, it’ll dissipate and make you targetable again. If that happens, you won’t get the damage bonus but you’ll be able to recast almost instantly. Note: that almost makes all the difference though.

This is your breather.

The basic technique :

Ikkumma is very dependent on its spell rotation. It’s also a very stress-sensitive dragon; ending a cloak too hastily in a moment of panic can easily break a run. Still, even though one hiccup can prove fatal. so long as the machine is in motion, very little can sway it.

For that reason, I advise practicing against easy bases such as Atlas at first (and you get gold for it too, win-win), where you can fail a bit more forgivingly and find your rhythm first. It’s not very glamorous, I know, but I can’t argue with the results in my case.

Here’s how I put it to a teammate: four shots, white-cloak-breathe, shield, four shots, white-cloak-breathe, shield, etc.

The detailed explanation goes as follows: quickly cast your four shots on the towers - keep in mind that the fourth one, the Invoke, is often able to take out one tower on its own. Then cloak instantly. Then shield. By this time your shots should be reloaded and you can fire them again. Then cloak. Then shield. Rinse. Repeat.

Get used to the rhythm of this cycle, because this is your bread and butter. For this metaphor, the Invoke is the jam. At first you’ll keep checking the spells’ cooldowns to figure out where you’re at in the rotation, but soon enough the timing will become more instinctive.

I would advise not worrying too much about getting the cloak-end’s damage bonus at first. Focus instead on always being protected. Your window of opportunity between the end of the cloak and getting the shield up is big enough that you can go undamaged, but no less tricky for a beginner. One step at a time.

I said earlier that the cloak is a breather. I mean it. No matter how short-lived, the fact it slows you down is a moment to get your bearings and figure out the next move. It’ll appear way too speedy at first but you’ll learn to trust it.

Remember: shots, white-cloak-breathe, shield, shots, white-cloak-breathe, shield, etc.

Against “real bases”:

Once you’ve figured out the rhythm, you’ll be ready to face other challenges. Since Ikkuma depends on that blue shield to wreak havoc, I advise taking out that blue tower before anything else. Then orrery/earth flak/storm, then ice flak, the howie. Howie is so low on the list of priorities because in the case it breaks your shield, you’ve still got the cloak left to get your bearings. The rest is just a buffet laid out for your destruction.

A typical run goes like this for me:

Take out a couple of edifices on the way to the island - snipe blue turret with third shot (for insurance) + invoke (for a speedy destruction) - cloak while the shots are still in the air; let it run to the end - shield - quickly snipe other towers while cloak bonus damage is up - cloak - shield - rinse repeat until the island is cleared - take out edifices and make sure to engage a new island with, at the very least, the Invoke shot.


-shots, white-cloak-breathe, shield, shots, white-cloak-breathe, shield, sh-


I do not claim to have the only knowledge of how to play Ikkumma, nor do I pretend this is the best way to do it. This is advice that I believe can help exasperated Ikkumma beginners ready to throw in the towel find their way, nothing more. If you have something else to contribute, don’t hesitate, though I’d appreciate if this thread stayed respectful of everyone’s abilities.


A teammate asked for some advice on Ikkumma when facing a kill island, so here’s an annotated video to try and help.


Ikumma is really great! It’s my first invoker so it took me some days to get used to it. I’m just level 110 and I can easily destroy bases with more than 200M defense power, you just need to be fast casting the spells (and be sure you can destroy the blue mage towers with an only 4° shoot).
Once you learn how to use Ikkumma, you won’t stop using it lol.


Was contemplating opening an Ikkumma question/guide thread, but looks like someone read my mind! This is a very well-written guide!

I do have one question for those who have this circumstance. Do I just suck, or can Ikkumma hit much higher than Xul, undefended?

I have level 68 Xul with 3 legendary and 2 mythic runes/glyphs, all elite gear with some attack leveled up, and a maxed out Xandra. (3.1B)

I have level 68 Ikkumma with NO runes, all level 1 legendary gear, and no rider buff. (1.2B)

I can hit so much higher with Ikkumma who is (relatively) 2.5 times weaker. Granted, it may take a couple of tries when hitting extremely high, but it’s still something that I could never do with Xul, no matter how many tries I got.

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That’s the thing with invoker with oneshot
Ikkuma is like morak or naja


I actually really tempted to lv up ikkuma cause I like him from the first time I see his spell he is going to be really useful as a clean up and even against defended base from my experience alone


I used him for assault so I leveled him up to my tier and he’s slowly replacing Xul (my only other viable dragon) :sweat_smile:

I didn’t expect him to be so good, especially when he has no runes, crap gear, and no rider.


Yes really works well against defended base, you could nuke and cloak (along with blue spell combination) I am at Abyssal tier, Ikkuma can kill 112 towers already. Successful cloak is the key.

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I use Ikkuma to clean up after Xul.

Nice guide!
it’s how I use him pretty much on his limited time he’ll be in my roster :grin:
I would suggest the above you said is actually one of the high priorities and worth practising from your first go with him. Many other dragons have a similar spell (DG etc) that can hit 2 or 3 towers and should become second nature to any dragon flier especially with invokers

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Thank you !

Oh, I do agree that it’s an important part of flying Ikkumma, but with the amount of variability in island configuration to take into account, I felt it more important to focus on the rotation. Once the roation gets going, then an Ikkumma flyer can focus on getting better aim. There’s already a lot of info to take into account and cooldowns to keep up with.

The way I see it, it’s a bit like baking a cake: instead of dumping all ingredients in one go, some are best added at later steps.

I know no one asked, but here are some videos of my hitting extremely high (I could never do this with anyone else):


Very nice flying! Well done on not getting any damage in that last one too! Were these first tries?


SUAVE flying with Ikkumma! You should post MORE of this! :green_heart:

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I APPRECIATE the process notes & the time you put into this, @Itaraci! Keep at it!
THANKS for sharing! :green_heart:


Not quite. Took me maybe 5ish tries each, but if you asked me to do it again, I could. Keep in mind that this is only my second day of using him too. I’m just surprised he can hit so high haha


Oh, I wasn’t doubting, just curious. Also, nice, very well played, if you’ve only gotten started !

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I tried to use this dragon in Assault Abyssal tier checkpoints 2 and 3 and failed … so I think he’s only good when flown at tier level or hitting down a bit

I think I did Abyssal at high checkpoints was kinda too hard to use.

Sorry you weren’t successful with him.

I have to say, though, it’s not my experience that he can only be flown at tier or hitting down. I was able to complete all Gold and Platinum assault with my Gold Ikkumma, solo dragon, no rider, pretty comfortably. Only the fifth and sixth Platinum bases gave me trouble and made me use the 30% D.attk/HP. I got past the sixth base on, I believe, my seventh or eighth try.

As I said, it’s a tricky dragon. It may just be it doesn’t fit your preferred playstyle.


Yeah… that’s gotta be user error lol.

The videos I posted above showed his strength: hitting up. My Ikkumma is mid-Vanguard. The two bases I hit were at least high-Abyssal to Eldritch. That’s an entire 2-3 tiers up. In addition, my Ikkumma barely had any buffs while facing bases fully equipped with runes and gear.


I barely have runes or glyphs on him and even when I added it’s two runes and added rage it still didn’t help, no rider, unboosted. Honestly Morak could beat him on so many levels except he is near obsolete even when he was claimed to be obsolete years ago, and I know I’m not going to be using this in my line up.