Ikkumma's runes (and hitbox advice)

Hey, I was gonna use the other topic on Ikku but it’s been closed so… Starting this one. Sorry !

Will runes that affect Cloak (say, I have a legendary rage rune that also makes cloak longer) also affect Smoke Form ? I seem to recall that runes were very super specific, but I’m asking in case anything has changed, just to be sure.

Truthfully it’d be interesting in terms of gameplay: some people might want longer protection at the cost of damage, while others would pbbly avoid lengthening cloak duration for the sniping effect. (I don’t say this asking for a change or whatever, this is not one of the gameplay hills I’m willing to die on, don’t @me defensively about this. I’m merely thinking about the possibilities)

EDIT : I can’t have multiple solutions, but as I was later asking about the invoke hitbox and where to aim it to take multiple turrets, here’s some resource on the subject to help figure it out : Ikkumma's runes (and hitbox advice) - #13 by FieryxFury

Nope :slight_smile: Only runes with the identical spell name would work - so the runes that affect cloak only affect the OG blue cloak spell


Runes that affect cloak won’t affect non “cloak” cloaks. So, no. It won’t Affect smoke form


On another topic, though still relevant: I cannot for the life of me figure out the range of the invoke attack AOE. Any hints?

(Also, would be nice not to have to start yet another thread should one have other questions about Ikku, or want to talk about them, or something. Is there a reason forum topics are so short-lived here?)

He has the same target range as Naja: 3.3.

Alas, I never got to play Naja. What do you aim for when you cast the invoke ?

Right between 2 buildings. The best way to figure it out is to actually play with it and figure it out on your own.

You should be able to hit 2 buildings with ease.


I’m sorry, but if I’m asking for advice here it’s because, precisely, even through playing (believe you me when I say I’m active in game), I do not find it to be easy. Regardless of whether I should find it so or not. Nor do I seem to figure it out on my own. Probably, I could, and perhaps I will, but so far I haven’t found a way to make it happen every time, which is why I was wondering if there was a trick, and sought advice from fellow players on the forums.

For example, it’d seem like, on the row distribution of buildings on an island, it’s easier to hit 2 towers at the same time on the three towers row, since they’re more tightly packed. It’s tougher to hit two towers on two different rows, though if memory serves right, it’s happened to me a couple times, so it’s not impossible.

Do buildings have different hitboxes ? Is that an influence ?

Yep. From chubby flaks to skinny lightning
Height as well


When flying Ickumma, you should prioritize the blue mage, as that will give you access to your shield, which will provide rage marks as a bonus. Your subsequent target should be an ice flak, if there are any on the island you are facing. If not, it should be a shielding tower, such as the Earth Flak or the Cosmic Orrery. Additonally, in flight, you have to ensure your timing and aiming of the invoke shot are precise. Ickumma is not a very forgiving dragon when one makes mistakes with him.

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Yes absolutely, and that’s exactly the tower destruction sequence I’ve been following! Still, I’m having trouble figuring out the action range of his AOE invoke to take out two towers at the same time.

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Try practicing with Sekhet’s Claw spell. The ranges are pretty close.

Plenty of spam, I know - but this should help


I… do not have Sekhet either x)

Not at all, thank you !

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Also, someone correct me if I’m wrong, but lower level towers seem to have a generally smaller hitbox than those of higher levels. Especially the towers whose appearance changes with level like the Howitzer.

As you are still very small in the game, it might be a bit harder.

Find a base full of level 1 towers like MostlyAllFlaks or Shadow and practice using Enki to shoot the death gaze at two towers.


I do not believe that the hitboxes differ between levels. I am fully certain they are the same, no matter the level.

I don’t know about horizontal size, but the height is certainly affected. As a tower gets taller it can block towers behind it

The word “believe” expresses uncertainty


Either way, it’d be nice if someone could confirm either way. Growing up this account from like 50 to 377 currently, I had felt like the hitboxes are (or at least were) getting constantly larger.

No matter if it does or doesn’t grow, my suggestion still stands:

Pretty sure they do vary, level 1 orreries are tiny and cute, as are howitzers, while high level ones are massive chonkers.


I’m not even sure what you are saying