I'm approaching 20 keys I want Avernic

I have barbend and all his stones do I have to complete Avernic branch to get all the stones or does barbend have mythic stone behind his regular stones, or do I have to get the stones from Avernic branch or the warrior branch to claim the mythic stones? Yes I have lvl up barbend just keeping him at legendary status but I want a mythic Avernic, what I’m asking do I have all of Avernic mythic stones?

If you have Barbend and used all his stones then you WILL need to get Avernic and his stones to level him up. Once you have 20 keys you can buy the ascending stone for whichever Dragon you choose so read carefully before you click yes purchase. Hope that is clear!

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See that is what I don’t like I wish the dragon had the stones like the previous mythics lines @PGCarlos why didn’t no one think of that to have mythic stones for the dragons like previous seasons


You must have missed about 70 threads about the new season structure here for the past 10 weeks.


Well I had a discectomy so …

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Make the most of what you can I’d say and have fun. Things maybe odd with season but it’s a game and you just got to enjoy what you can! Best of luck in your season end!!!

I mean I can get Avernic stones I was under the impression that there was two stones (legendary/mythic) stones

Well hopefully this is the last season that they use this stupid format because it was awful


Don’t be like that it’s a live and learn session

It was a terrible season plan on paper that only served to take away things from the players under the disguise of giving more choice. There was really nothing good about it.
Sorry but this was the worst season we’ve had imo

I would say one of my famous lines but it will get me censored, my question to you what would you do to make it better

For starters:

  • Do not make claiming the legendary part of the mythic requirement. Put a set of evolution stones back into the mythic line just like we always had. Get rid of the ascension stone because it was a bad idea.

  • Do not take away the legendary version. Either make them separate dragons so you can have both the legendary and mythic version or just go back to having a separate discount legendary dragon.


  • Offer the option of a discount rider and/or discount resource line. They could still do it just like they did this season with the rebates (which were not as bad as people made them out to be) but with 1 dragon, 1 rider and 1 rss line as your options.

  • Do not devalue lines, add all of the chests back into the Oculus and Champion Rider lines that were cut out. Also restore the value of the electrum line by reverting back the timer or electrum choice nodes.

  • Get rid of ascension tokens or remove the exotic rune/glyph and replace them with additional dragon skins. The skins would now change the element of the dragon

  • Revert the key costs back to how they were distributed in each line before last season so that we have some cheaper keys at the start of the Champion Rider

  • Stop with the resurrection dragons. Create a “Reincarnation” line that has a new dragon that is based on the design of an old favorite dragon but has relevant spells

  • Reduce line costs back down to at least 35k, they can take the couple hundred embers back that they’ve added (yes, I know this is the most unrealistic thing)

  • Add the option to claim each dragon’s runes/glyph to have secondary HP or Attack so people can go with a build that they want. IE Krygant would have and a choice done with Warrior HP or Warrior Attack for each of his runes and glyphs. You pick the one you want.


  • Bring back new atlas riders instead of bringing back old defensive riders every season. Or at least put a defensive rider in the normal season’s 3 options so non-atlas players have an option for a defensive rider too and offer an offensive champion atlas rider option

  • Add the mystic fragments back into the draconic chests. Give us a feature either in the egg token menu or in the forge to exchange mystic fragments for 200 egg tokens each. This way it has the exact same effect as the change but it is OUR CHOICE. Do the same thing for exchanging Pearls, Red Rider Shards and Crafting Scrolls.


I did that a couple years ago. It’s not the most pleasant thing to go through.

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we’re continuously looking over ways to improve and modify the progression! keep the feedback comin’

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They said I should I be fully recovered in September

I like all those options

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Or have that dragon as a offspring of the resurrected dragon

NO! No breeding of Season Pup in any fashion :unamused::smiling_imp:

Well the offspring would be stronger than the parent

As it should be, but we have enough viability issues with the Linage ones as it is, let not ruin Season Pups in similar way :neutral_face: