Im bored helppppp

im bored and this lc is boring. someone take me to a fun lc HELP

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Our LC is feisty after dark. Will only last a few more days but you’re welcome to check us out. Burningbreeze. Upside if LC gets boring we keep members on tap for whatever’s your pleasure

Could always just…you know, attack and practice. Or something


If those are other games it probably got deleted because you are promoting other games on PG’s forum lol

What? Are they afraid I’ll show people a good time, and draw away potential victims, I mean, “customers”

Edit: please note that none of my posts said anything about quitting War Dragons, I’m just listing options for when you have to wait in War Dragons, and we should all know by now how much waiting there is…

Maybe they ran out of potions, so “practicing” is not an option

Hmm talking about other games should be fine, but i think it only belongs in off-topic. What you are doing seems to just be promoting other games that no one really asked for and completly irrelevant to this specific thread.

If you want to suggest new games to players, do it in the off topic category and create your own thread.

Like I said, these games are for all the waiting in War Dragons.
If you want me to make a new topic to discuss this then here you go.
What do you do on your off time?

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