Im curious, any platinum league team here get 8/8 and 5/5?

I like the team that I am on right now. However, the lack of players who contribute to getting 8/8 and 5/5 is starting to bother me. I want to have be able to live my life outside of this game but I play to win haha

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Tbh you’d get by just fine by doing 5/5 and 8/8 in lower sapphire. Maybe like a couple of atlas kills here and there but that’s enough lol

Gloryflames is P1 and we get 8/8 and 5/5. Check out my recruiting posts!

How active are you guys in Atlas?

I think Sapphire is an option when after 2-3 fort events for me. I’m still pretty low in level even for Plat

Yeah sorry, I replied before you posted those images. But yes, once you get into your 400s or close, definitely go to sapphire I think.

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Just read your post. Let’s chat when the event is over and we claimed the team reward. My only concern with moving up the league right now is my lvl. I’m going to need maybe 2-3 more fort events to get above 300 and closer to 400. I’m very active in Atlas as well, especially sniping on Aligane… I don’t require backup due to level right now, are you guys cool with that?

Lets chat, at 200 in P1 it maybe a struggle for you in pvp. We are definitely active in atlas so that is a plus!

Do you have line?

I do have line. Yea, that’s why I’m looking to stay in plat right now. I should be able to get to 300-400 range this season.