I'm curious, is anybody actually using red thunderstorms ? Except for xp farms

I had to downgraded donovalis and sekoronos to xp accumulators for the feeding event. Red thunderstorm storm is completely useless, in my experience. Haven’t seen a thunderstorm used since the change.

I think it is important to realise that dragons have a lifespan… outgrow them and get something new. That is literally the point of the game…

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Additionally, the dragons that have thunderstorm (even when it was blue) weren’t highly sought after compared to others in their tier.

Currently I have Renard in my roster, and just sent Chompa to the bench…

Do I use them for anything but XP? Heck No. But these dragons already kinda sucked for wars and raids, so now they’re just worse.

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Sure, I had planned to use donovalis one more month so I could get Walawagner up as a replacement. It hatches tomorrow. I’m starting with breeding platinum, which I think is on target for a level 100. Benching dono sooner leaves me with a gap for a month. Inconvenient, but not insurmountable.

But it makes me very uneasy that dragons get messed with so strongly after their release. I think I’ll quit in like a month or so because I just can’t really commit to getting dragons anymore. Turning a decent (was never great, granted) dragon into useless is just to harsh.

I haven’t used TS in about a year and a half, yet I’m failing to see the issue here…before, you had to kill a blue mage (or have great timing and set it off just in time)…now, it’s the same thing except you kill the red (or still have exceptional timing)? What’s the issue?

This exactly doesn’t work anymore because red mage won’t stop thunderstorm per se. It will protect all buildings under its red umbrella from any damage caused by thunderstorm.
And that’s the whole difference between how Red and Blue mages work.

Red mages work differently than blue mages with regard to thunderstorm. That’s the whole reason it was changed.
When the spell was blue, a blue mage would stop you from casting if you were within range, but blue mages would not stop the spell once it had been cast. In other words, if I cast the spell at the beginning of a long island and there is a blue mage at the end of the long island, thunderstorm would still kill everything at the end.
Once they made the spell red, not only will a red mage stop it from casting the spell, but it will stop it from going once it has been cast. So if I cast the spell at the beginning of the long island and there is a red mage at the end of the long island, all the towers at the back of the island will be protected from the thunderstorm.
Big Difference.

I am sure you know it but just quoting for clarification.

Red mage protects the towers under its umbrella from any effects of red spell and it won’t block you from using the red spell. Simple example: reverse projectile/ Invert -> you can protect yourself from projectiles under red mage umbrella, but it won’t hit the towers that shot your dragon because red mage protects them.

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As massive issue with blue thunderstorm is that the blue mage didn’t stop the spell once in range (like havoc, chaos, invincibility shield, seething spark, explosive shield, etc)

I was all for blue mage just stopping thunderstorm, but this does a similar thing.

On a dragon like Sekoronos or Donovalis, a blue thunderstorm was sometimes useful where there was a red mage but no blue mage.

If there is no red mage then a Sekoronos flier isn’t going to use red Thunderstorm: Freeze is the goto red spell if the red mage is missing or has already been taken down.

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