I'm done with WD

First and foremost, thank you for your honest response @PGCrisis. I know you are new so I don’t pick on you so much. I’ve been waiting for this from PG since yesterday to make the quitting decision.
Maybe you are not familiar with this, but as an experienced player, I’m so fed up with this canned response. We even made a bet on what PG will say. So oh well 🤷.
Unannounced level requirements are the last straw for me. I grinded myself through the sapphire wall, broke down the garnet wall, jumped through loops to get over Emerald wall and guess what, right when I was about to step into Obsidian tier, you shut the door right in front of my face. Slammed shut. Not a single word. This completely demotivated me from grinding anymore but to throw in the towel.
War Dragon has given me lots of friends through different leagues and skill sets. The community is very strong. We stick together trying to make some changes for the game (kudo for @TheRedDelilah for the breeding path - even though I never used yours :kissing_heart: and many of her proposals, @Gox1201 for his excellent Atlas guide). But sadly, our voice is halfly heard on forum. Everything is halfly implemented in game. League structure has been like this for like a year now since they said “phase 1” of implementation… So many posts regarding the Sapphire wall and so on. But all we got from PG was the exact word @PGCrisis said above.
And one thing we have been asking for so, so long time… Better communication between PG and players. Why can’t we know ahead of this changes like weeks before so not much people will get upset or at least get some feedback and change accordingly.
I guess my words will be lost again similar to so many old players quitting before 🤷. So enjoy what’s left of the game everyone.
Happy flying


@Dakhunter nooo I like you. :disappointed:

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I wish you well!

If you’d like a game recommendation i have gotten into Dragon Project and have spent more time there than in game as of now. Better progression feeling and much more fun in the long run!

I’ll be sticking to offline gaming or Steams :joy:. Have tons I bought before but never had a chance to play because of WD


Hold the door, i’m just getting my shoes on!!

has anyone seen where i left my coat?


Well now im just jealous! I havent been keeping up on my other games as much once i started War dragons. Have fun :+1:t2:

I just saw it on sale so I bought :joy:. try Humblebundles. They have game on sale for cheap since most of the profit will be donated to charity and you pay for the amount you want

I miss my offline games, too. WD is soooo time consuming

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Pg took your coat hahahah


I will be on vacation in Europe for a week (23-30) and I have no intention of taking my gaming tablet. Which means I will be without WD for almost 8 days! I wonder how I will sustain.


ive been waiting for new tier half a year
it’s all depends on ppl
good luck on your next one


THey are already rich, from the many purchases players did / do daily, why would they bother to listen to our pleas.

Players love the game, i don’t know about the coders.

It’s more likely the people higher up on the chain and not the coders themselves choosing to make things this way :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck to you Dak, I know a lot are in the same boat and might decide to move on too…the % of top players who can keep up keeps getting smaller and smaller. Lots of other good games out there :+1:t2:

Hey Dak, since it seems to be a thing now, can u pass me your account pls? :money_mouth_face:

On a more serious note, sorry to see you go my friend. Hope you find something new!

I’ll farm you with my ember when I run WD on RemixOS :joy::rofl:

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If there’s a way of running WD on PC I’d like to know. Typing long letters and doing the wiki are bloody hard on a phone!


Pm me on Line. I’ll send you tutorials for how to setup your own virtual machine

Does it run without constantly crashing now?

havent tested for almost a year. But it serves the purpose of logging on daily to maintain the account from being deleted