I'm getting rubies instead of chests during breeding event

Is this happening to anyone else? Didn’t see a post about it…

Same here. And many people lost breeding token bonus.

I think someone borked code for Kayla launch.

Yes same for me

@Arelyna @PGJared @PGCrisis we’re getting rubie drops and the breeding bonus has gone away ever since the rider was introduced.

Also no super speedup pack in forge its lvl 999 lulz

Yes, just raised this under the event section myslf

My team is also not getting chests.

Yay it’s fixed now.

Hi all, the team fixed this shortly after it was reported. Please full-close the game and restart to fix this issue. Restarting also addresses the issue with missing egg token bonuses. If any of these aren’t fixed after restarting, please let us know. Sorry again for temporary hiccup, folks!

@dragonpunch this issue wasn’t resolved for me until an uninstall and reinstall of the app.

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