I'm going to try this because I don't care


Bored and homeless

LFT – 324, just needing somewhere to sit this event out… preferably a non full team with atlas I don’t mind helping some small team with this event, I’m just bored and losing out on egg tokens that I really need


Language: English
Time Zone:Est
Played time: 2 years- ish
Age Range: Adult- maybe not mentally
Elite Account?: always
Dragon Roster Includes: harbingers minus mythics
Highest Lineage Dragon: estril, keth

About: jumped the gun and put it up there ^ I’m being totally honest here, I’m just looking somewhere I can park for the event duration… don’t really care if the team is a ghost town, just looking for atlas, tokens, and maybe to bump a small team up some event places :man_shrugging:


Lol… we have slots.
We are at Plat with Atlas


Hope you find what you’re looking for. :+1:


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