I'm In Debt... Glitch?

Has anyone ever had a negative amount of resources? I’m curious.
I saw that I had “-1,275” elemental embers when I tried to upgrade a fire flak. So I sent out a message to TC [via the little clasped hands button] asking for elemental embers (let’s say it cost 1,500), and it automatically asked for “2,775 elemental embers”
What’s happening here? And yeah, I already sent a ticket to PG, but I want to see what the forum says.

Thank you, you are not alone. I am facing this Bug also. For elemental embers but also for rubies.

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This has been covered in prior posts.

The short version is that due to bad programming any consumable item MIGHT go negative in certain circumstances. There are two mechanisms by which it can go negative - either by double charging you for a single redemption, or by having two back to back redemptions whose total is greater than the amount of the resource you have.

Obviously in well written code neither scenario would be able to happen. And my understanding from the prior post is that they do have some code that tries to prevent it. But that code is buggy.

Anyway the solution is to send a support ticket and they will reset it to zero or whatever the correct amount should be. Per @PGJared’s comment in the linked post, they wont roll you back or otherwise punish you for this happening as long as you arent doing it on purpose.

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Sounds good, doesnt work… I am also unable to send ingae contacs or submit a ticket nor see the online help… this game is getting worse and worse…

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There’s a bug that can let you go into negative numbers. As you’ve already submitted a ticket, one of our agents will just get you back up to zero. I’m sorry for the hassle.

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