I'm looking for a new team lvl 270

I’m level 270 may be interested in joining a new team. Must be at least sapphire no less than 400 eggs a day from atlas, i dont care for slackers in the game I pull my weight I expect teammates to do the same to this day I’ve never missed a war and have played every event I’ll always make at least enough points to get the highest team prize let me know if anyone has an opening

Time Zone:central
Played time:
Age Range:
Elite Account?:non stop
Dragon Roster Includes:uvs Prospero gunner
Highest Lineage Dragon:emerald

Hi friend, hope we’re what you’re looking for! We make 650 eggs from atlas a day.

Message LadyJeatta. Team WorldOfFlames. Platinum 3, castles in atlas, and advancing quickly. Think about it, we are always looking for active players.

Still looking for a team?

@zzzzzMIKEzzzzz … Message me in line (TheRealSha), or in game (Sha or LittieSha) I think I can help you

Yes not moving till events over

Is this your in game name?

Check out PyroEmpire we are currently sapphire 1 looking to move up. Very active in atlas with 16 castles (885 eggs daily).

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Found a team thanks everyone for the offers

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