I'm looking for a team with atlas to rebuild

Hello there, I’m looking for a wracked atlasteam to rebuild it completely. It can be in silver or gold league, that doesn’t matters. I don’t need a castle for that or a 5TA. So if someone knows such a team it would be great if he/she/it could tell me. :metal:

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there recently have been a few wrecked/abandoned atlas teams from diamond/sapphire. if those aren’t used as a pirate team for their xxTA, then you can go for those.

there should be a thread about that specifically, forgot the name of it though. :sweat_smile:

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This? Another sad day

Did you find one? I have seen completely abandoned Atlas teams in Gold IV and Gold V but guess what: they belong to alliances :joy: They literally have 1 member but the guy/girl is keeping that guild for alliance purposes.

That’s insane.

I imagine those will be the first to go when PG cleans house.

If you find one, let me know too, i tried this with no result, hopefully you’ll have better luck😁

IF… you mean.

I’m looking for an abandoned atlas team aswell.
Hit me up ingame on ZacaDK

i guess they finally will, btw. according to their announcement.

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