Im new and need help

Hey guys I just recently downloaded the game and I think I finished the tutorial. Rn I’m kinda clueless on what to do. Also I heard that there are teams that I can join to do stuff with. How to I join a team? Should I try to attack someone? I could use some advice. Thank you for your time and attention. P.S. I plan on being a pretty casual player. I’m not a huge fan of mobile games so this will probably be something I hop on just from time to time.

Sure how can I help you?

I’ll be honest with you straight away so you can fully understand what your getting into there are teams I’m sure that are really casual but most require at least a daily log on

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I sended you a invite to join RebornFeniks.

I am daily very active, we have the knowledge in building a short base, patience to learn it you and offcourse Red’s best breeding guide in the wiki.

It’s most fun when you hit the same person over and over until they complain about it on the forums. :rofl:


Thanks. I already got a message from someone but if they don’t respond I’ll join yours

To be honest, this game gonna take half time of yours day and lots of works. If you have time for that go for it if not better delete as soon as possible and give that time to your family :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


So apparently we greet new members with sarcasm :rofl:

It is important to have a sense of humor playing this game though, so if you’ve made it this far, there’s hope.

Yes, join a team. This game rewards being on a better team in a better league, so as you grow, expect to change teams.

Start following a breeding path. Not just any breed path though, follow red’s best breeding path, as it will get you the “best” lineage drags for the cheapest amount of eggs:

You should also get ember ASAP as that is a fantastical dragon.

Please note that this game is pretty unforgiving as far as base choices, so as a new player, make sure not to build out and in general follow @mechengg’s build plan until you get more of an idea of base building and what counters drags:

After you join a team, get started, follow breeding paths etc, there’s season planning to consider, but trying not to overwhelm with a dissertation to wardragons to a newcomer.


You do not wanna farm someone it’s a way to get you reported

Farming is poor etiquette, but not against the rules. Anyone who says they will report you for farming can’t do anything to you.


It still shouldn’t be done plus you have the chance of getting banned for doing it.

… didn’t you threaten to report me for language a couple weeks ago?

And I had been farmed before…

I think I did

But I am Christian so bad language is kinda a no no in my house …

Your opinion, not a rule.


Turn on the mature language filter and block people. Bad language should be reported if it’s EXTREME, but your morals should not be the rules to which others are held.


I know…

But anyone who says pg can’t help you is wrong they can but not beyond their capabilities

You old enough to even be playing this game?


Farming isn’t bannable.
Harassing is.
If farming is bannable, most of us here would’ve been banned for farming XPfarmsLooseX1