I'm not getting my chests

It’s showing like I have personal prizes but I don’t have the points. It showed that I get chests but they are not there.
What is going on

Try exiting out of event if it’s showing you don’t have any event prizes.Also,If you are talking about sliver chests,they are currently replaced by runic chests.I think they should be back after event ends.

Not silver, my bronze ones. On the personal achievement, I’m showing 9 but I know I haven’t gotten the points to be able to have them. I have opened the ones i got the points for. It seems that instead of giving me my chests the number on achievement goes up. I only got 1 bronze chest for about 8 raids in event…

Now i have 10 personal achievement. Did get chests this time

I did mega attack and still have not received the bronze chests from that attack
Game has been restarted many times and hours later still no chests

@AwesomeLuna there has been a glitch for the last few months where it shows you have reward tiers to claim even though you dont. One event it kept telling me I had 13 to claim and even kept the annoying checkmark on the event island. Just ignore it and claim the tiers as you get the points for them :grin:

Yes in mine to but it the chests I need…When I do an attack the personal achievement goes up and I see during attack I’m earning chests. I just don’t think I’m getting all of them

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