I'm sick and tired of losing boosts on pvp

If the island is defeated before you finish, you should get your stuff back. Inner fires, energy, etc.


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You do get it back - just takes a couple mins. This includes inners used.

I did a run yesterday right at the end of a pvp using 3 inners - got them all back.


Same, I got mine back as well.

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Maybe I’m wrong then. However unlikely, there is a first time for everything, right? :grin:

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I get my stuff back every time nice job pg

I don’t get mine back either @Lx460 so I’m with you there…I personally think it should be a I’ve started so I’ll finish situation. If you hit when hp is still available you get the points, whether the pvp island is finished or not. Can’t see why this should be an issue🤷🏻‍♀️

Yesterday, I lost a mega attack because the pvp is finished before. so 100 energies and 20 inner of lost. I made a ticket, but no answer

I think there may be a scenario where it doesn’t come back, but I’ve almost always gotten it back.

I have definitely lost a few mega coins. Can’t say I’ve cared enough to put in a support ticket for one yet.

I prefer when it used to give me personal points but not count for the dead island. (I’m guessing lots didn’t or it probably wouldn’t have changed)

Send some this way then :joy:

I just did a mega about 30m ago and the island went down before I finished the run. I got no points, lost 100 energy, and 20 IF. As far as I know of support will give it back to you out of “goodwill” lol. The struggle is that would have given me the next prize tier so now the event will end before I get a response from support and I lose out on an entire tier maybe two of prizes. Just kinda sucks.

Your Mega is in your inventory. Go look.

Well shoot you’re right…haha now I look like an idiot. Thanks man!

No worries - I had the same issue and worry but there it was! :+1:

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