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I want to put pics in our wiki page to help new players. But wiki needs an image link. Since I can’t do this from my photos, do I have to make a website or something to share images I want post in the wiki?

You can post the picture on this website:

Then you can get the link address from the posted picture (should be a

To put in wiki, post “! [ ] (link)”

Don’t do spacesin that an no quotations. Just won’t show up without spaces and I’m too tired to write it some other way. :slight_smile:

That should work for ya.

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Ohhh… this is for everyone to use, Correct? I thought it was only an example

It’s a general way for everybody to use.

Awesome… Thank you :pray:

You can use the HTML img tag to put pictures if the markdown one don’t work.

Some upload sites give you options to get the link in HTML or markdown directly if it doesn’t work manually.
Also the img tag give you options to resize the picture to the size you want it to be :wink:


That link is disturbing (their 404 version)

Think you can upload your image here, and send a pm to yourself :upside_down_face:

Then, use html img tag :upside_down_face:

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Thanks everyone! I downloaded the app and have been able to upload pics to our wiki site. You guys are awesome!!!

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