Image of full map

Does anyone know where I can find the whole atlas map, e.g. a downloadable image pieced together from screenshots, or better?

This is the map I stitched together.
It took a long time to complete this. :dizzy_face:


Fantastic! Thank you.

Do you have a higher res version?

I changed it to a larger size. :hugs:

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Holy cow! I was just searching for this today. I wanted to get a layout of my team’s Castles across the whole map.

Thank you @MiinaNiina :star_struck:. BTW, I think some clouds may be missing :rofl:

It’s missing a carrot :carrot:


I made this a year ago. :slightly_smiling_face:

Where. Is. Aligane

I made a list of my team’s castles. :partying_face:

Aligane is in the yellow circle. :wink:

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