Immediately crashing when opening

Anyone else having this’s issue currently? I open atlas and immediately crash when it loads. It was fine 2 hours ago.

you are so lucky!!!

Facing the same prob after update.
Can’t even stay in atlas over a minute before app crashes.
Mayb PG telling us to quit the game for good?!?:man_shrugging:t2::sweat_smile:

After reinstalling the game, atlas dosent crash anymore but freezes up in a few seconds.
@PG Aren’t you guys supposed to test this shit out before implementing the update?
Why the hell is broken content allowed to be passed?
FFS, nearly every update there are alot of huge fuckups that requires fixing. Can’t you guys do a better job with the amount of money us players are putting into this game?
It’s not like this game is only grossing a few dollars each month man!!:see_no_evil:
Step up your game or higher more competent staff, coz it’s unheard of for any gaming product to fuck up this much!

It works great in my shit. I’m sure Android is where the problems are as it’s a pretty crappy system overall and hard to fully test for.

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