Imminent atlas map expansion - question for PG


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Just a basic question: With the imminent “release” of the Western lands, can you please confirm if new paths will be open AT THE MOMENT THE MAP RELEASES other than the ones we can currently see on map into the new zones - the physical in game view? I’m sure there will be more paths from neutral zones at a later stage.

At the moment, there are essentially only 2-3 paths into the new lands, funnily enough all of those are through the BBB-alliance.

Specifically: In order to enter the area highlighted in RED, you have to go through the current RUSSIA-controlled zone via ARM and MixxLand (for whatever weird reason) [See purple lines] into Telris and then onto Qantun. Or you can go around the bottom of the map via Outlaws and Ghostleaders. Once at Telris, you have to move into Qantun, from there only two paths to the rest of the new lands. If someone was to for-example, claim Qantun, it would effectively block every other path into the new lands.

Area 1

Nowhere else (via safezones, even when travelling ALL the way around, can you actually access the new lands - there is no pathway inside) - it keeps going around in neutral zones.

So a simple question: when you release the new land - will their suddenly be new paths, or only the current paths until a patch changes the map?

If there will be new paths - PLEASE POST THEM, so that teams can plan effectively.

If not, please say so – we need to plan effectively.

PS - I am aware the “controlled by Gustav” parts will unlock, but at the moment there are no “paths” into those lands except the above mentioned.

I was under the impression you need a physical patch to add new content (aka map paths)


Hey Gox, thanks for your question. We think part of the fun of Atlas is to try to figure out how to get access to certain parts of the map (either by diplomacy or war) and so it’s great to see teams already planning on how they will expand their kingdoms!

To answer your question: When we turn on PVP in the new territories, we plan to add new paths from the neutral regions to the new PVP regions. And in a couple of circumstances, we plan to add paths between neutral regions. We do not plan to change any paths in the PVP regions of the current Beta map that teams inhabit.

So if you can get to neutral territory in the Beta map, you should be able to access the outer perimeter of new expansion land

I’m attaching a view of how we are currently planning to connect things up in the new expansion. Neutral territories are highlighted, PVP regions are not. Links are in yellow. I will say that you should take this as 95% accurate. We may change a couple paths from neutral into PVP at the last minute depending on how testing goes, but in general this is pretty close to how we are thinking about it.

Hope this helps!



Awesome. Thanks


Could we perhaps get the map of the expansion (with zone names) for planning? It’s tricky to make a full map from our information with the 3D graphics.


Hey RedStash, are you asking for a map view like this that has names for all the regions add?

Unfortunately we haven’t yet developed a tool to show that view at the moment. But it’s a good idea. We’ll add it to the list!

At the moment, the best thing to do might be to have a pioneering community member scroll through the 3D view in the game and match the PvP region names there to the outlines of the regions in the map in photoshop then share it out.

Let me know if I’m not following your question



Exactly. I’m happy to do that - could you give me a blank map (with no transparency) to
Work from? Thank you!!


Does this work? We can’t remove the ground type colors entirely at the moment but I colored all the neutral regions the same color so it’s easier to see as distinct from PvP territories


You’re a sweetie. I actually meant the opposite - so everything has a solid color if you can.


Can you answer if the middle safe area will stay or go when the whole map opens?

Also if y’all haven’t noticed the map layer out like this looks like a dragon blowing fire


Ok Red, how about this?

iDREAMiKILLERi - current neutral territories that players inhabit will stay safe at least through the next couple of months - we are still deciding whether they will stay like that forever, but we want to see how the map plays out (and get your feedback too!)

And also, Yes! That was purely coincidence when we set it up, but we noticed that too after staring at it for a while…decided to keep it :slight_smile:


100% backwards. We’d like to see all the land colors clearly and thus I’d like to label as such.


She’s wants a map with everything in color


Here is the best we can do - we are still working on our map building tool to make it easier to see the difference between neutral and pvp regions without doing the highlighting…


Here is one other attempt - take your pick


She was looking for one that looked like this zoomed out

That’s the most zoomed out I can get


Cool - the last one I sent is I think the closest we can get to that right now


Hi PGFeds, any chance we can get a hi-res, non jpg?

I’m not great at Affinity, but I’ll happily give it a go :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey Gox, I can’t seem to post a hi-res image to this forum, but I’m going to hand off a copy to Pixxel who will figure out how to get you all a link to the download and reply to this thread. Before you guys get too crazy making a truly beautiful map out of this, know that we are planning on tweaking the ground colors in the coming weeks so the actual look with change a bit. Also, don’t read too much into the land outside of the expansion area, we are still tweaking it.



I love highways… I mean safezones.

I’m pondering some ease of travel mechanics without really screwing the world over.

Once I have my mind kind of made up, I’ll run some ideas on the forum.

I really like the concept of “highway” travel…

I also like the concept of highway robbers/ambushes though, so haven’t figured out the balance in my head though (the proverbial troll guarding a bridge scenario)


I love the idea of ambushes! - I’m sure some teams are going to want to be pirates (rather than rulers) and we’d love to provide a way for that. One idea we are kicking around is instead of having all the highways be in neutral territory, we make some highways out of No Man’s Land. You can still move quickly because there are no blockades, but you can also be attacked…what do you all think about that?