Impact of spending on events

If I could get someone from each League to post the top 5 to top 10 teams at the end of this event, that would be extremely useful.

Here’s what I’m looking for:

Any information from other leagues (this is D2) would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a ton!


You want posts now or at final score?

Here u go

Not likely to shuffle much…but since I wasn’t bright enough to read you wanted end results, I will add later if someone from S3 doesn’t beat me to it.

S3 looks like a close league

Not from 11 down…and the top team had a similar lead as what Savage posted from d2 until today… doing the math on those top 10 figure out what that averages over 50 players and it definitely speaks to what Savage is asking for…clearly heavy spending is going on in that top 10, and more power to them for having enough to spend to be competitive, but it is clearly a pay to win event.


Here are some from D1:

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Wait maybe by saying it slowly he clicks…”E…N…D…o…f…E…v…e…N…T” not “B…E…f…O…R…E”.

Pro hint: youtube/Sesamestreet.beforeandafter

Glad to be of service☺️

Beggars can’t be chooses. Lol.

But yeah.

Although I am not sure things will change too much. :man_shrugging:

Feel free to post the end ones as well. Something seemed better than nothing.

You’re right though, sorry, was too busy not being in 7th.


Plat 2

Gold 2. Quite the gap there.

We’re in G3. Got some ex-diamonds in the league … the language they’ve used in LC. :roll_eyes:

Those diamond guys and gals… Bunch of sailors, every one.


It’s def not limited to diamond lol of course I’m innocent and would NEVER participate :roll_eyes:


S3…not sure of subleague name lol

Here’s “final” for D2.

I’m guessing Lethal just played the game better. But maybe not. Maybe it was something else.

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Let’s see those big boy scores. :wink:

Would be a shame of a D2 outscored Dread. :stuck_out_tongue: