Implement Atlas Seasons

Instead of forcing castle turnover by giving random teams poor placement, why not reset the the entire atlas map every season?

Make it like a game of risk, award prizes 3 or 4 times a year, and then reset it after each prize round.

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That is literally worse than the land shuffle. At least with the land shuffle you have a chance to fight to hold what you obtained. Here everything is wiped away, and if you aren’t lucky enough to land on the right territories in the chaos each season your team gets screwed.


If you say so. Was looking for a way to keep the game interesting. I understand the flip side as well. Work hard for a year and then your team sits on the nest egg for another five.

I’ve seen it in other games too. Vets invariably want to keep things as they are while noobs want an (obtainable) challenge. The two sides will rarely agree.

I do think a clean reset is more fair than randomly selecting teams to get screwed over.

This has been suggested before. But to me this would literally make me not play atlas. It is so so much effort for a week or two at the start of any land rush. Then the status quo kicks in and it’ll end up the same with a few smaller name changes. I would straight just go to any small atlas team and not bother.

Atlas needs fixing. Badly. But resetting it just restarts the problem. It doesn’t fix it. But that fix needs to avoid two things.

First the requirement to be on 24/7. Which atlas during its busy time really does force a lot.

Second it needs to remain entertaining, rewarding and fair for all. With incentives to actually fight.

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They could do something like this idea as say a 3-day event or whatever during breeding and fort. An atlas event that’s separate totally from castles and other atlas stuff you already own, just like pvp events are.
Separate teams into groups of say 10x 5ta in a round and have glory based events with prizes similar to regular events but atlas related too.
It would be a chance for pg to try different layouts etc.
May have to use something other than the current troops and other rss though too

Or just make an atlas prime and give all the entrenched teams in legacy atlas a permanent boost. Because this is really what its all about, isn’t it? Everyone seems to agree that current atlas is not fun, but nobody wants to give up what they have.

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But giving that stuff up solves nothing. Those same people will retake what they had. And those people have spent significant time and resources earning it. They have the resources, knowledge, alliances, and political know how to take what they have. Plus likely more if they can pick the area. People will be significantly more entrenched as people can just force fortified areas rather than having castles scattered as many teams do now.

If it would actually result in meaningful change that would make atlas fun, then sure. Reset it. But it won’t. If anything, it will double down on stagnation.

The problems have to be fixed first. They have to stop stagnation from kicking in so that any losses people have to suffer actually do something to fix the problem. They have to make activity worth something without making it a 24/7 experience. They have to make people want to fight. They have to make it beneficial and cost effective to take castles. And they have to do something about the politics that can freeze conflict before it happens.

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Thanks, I see your point. I agree that we can’t discount the effort that has already been spent. At some point though, we just need to say “ok, team A, you win the game, now lets play something else”, without taking away what anyone has earned.

I always thought it would have to be more than a simple reset. An atlas like game that only lasted a season could be improved 4 times a year without anyone getting upset over it. This is is really what I was going for. I agree though with the reply a few posts up saying it should be something new, or parallel to the current atlas. Perhaps two continents.

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