[ ! ] Important Note Regarding Blockades during Kingdom Wars

Please be informed that there is a visual issue affecting Blockades on castles during Major Events. As everyone knows, castles are protected by Event Shields during Major Events, which protect against attackers, and acts as Fog of War, blocking vision of the castle’s infrastructure. However, as of update v4.21, travel through Atlas is unhindered throughout Atlas for all players, regardless of Safe Passage Rights. This also means that Blockades do not function during Major Events, and manually dropping a castle’s Event Shield does not activate a Blockade.

Unfortunately, the visual “ring” representing the Blockade still appears at this time, which may lead players to believe that it is active. It is, in fact, not active.

This issue is fixed in v4.40 so that the ring will no longer be shown during Major Events. The current Kingdom Wars event should be the only Major Event until this fix is in place.

Please be aware that manually dropping your castle’s shield always puts you at risk of attack, and that the neutralization of Blockades during Major Events further punctuates this risk!


THIS blockade was 100% ACTIVE. The shield was NOT down. @DragonMage experienced the same thing.
Trapped my taunter and rusher, and I lost 55k troops overnight.

Your “everything was working as intended” response is not going to satisfy me.


This also hasn’t made sense for last 3 weeks and 2 PVP’s because we did drop shields and we did use the blockade feature on several occasions to hinder enemy troop movements trough areas.

It doesn’t make sense to disable that function at all… even during PVP…

Because let’s say a team owns… a lvl 5 surrounded by allies and they drop shields to protect easy access to that level 5 that’s a tactic…

However, if I wanted to get a massive attack group together and just use the bubbles to go sit on top of that lvl 5 by passing all the other terrain what’s the point of having rings around larger forts?

You’re basically giving total access to every area during PVP. Shields or blockades up.

I’m sure everyone who has Atlas knows the value of using a blockade as a trap to keep enemies from moving around… why remove that option during PVP now? :thinking:

When it had been working perfectly fine for weeks before?


Agreed. Although I like a time-out from Atlas PvP during PvP-events, this makes absolutely no sense.

Teams are supposed to fight for better land which includes vastly higher (and still way too low) poacher payouts.
Event shields without blockades allow other players to access lvl5 lands and poachers during two PvP events every 4 weeks which is 6 + 6 = 12 of 28 days (43% of the time!) that other teams are fighting hard for.

@PGEggToken Would you like random people chilling in your garden 43% of the time?


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