IMPORTANT - Replying to Posts via E-mail

Please be aware that if you reply to posts via e-mail and you have an e-mail signature set up, your signature will post here. So if you have a professional e-mail account with an automatic signature aka:


Langley Falls Public Schools
(438) 555 - 6969

Everyone here will see that. That’s it :slight_smile:


You didn’t post this thread through email because there is no little mail icon in the corner! This post is irrelevant :joy::joy::joy:


I think it’s fair that people are aware of this so their private information isn’t inadvertently posted here for all to see.

Sorry, I was just joking, I totally agree with you :wink: I was just pointing out the fact that there is a mail icon in the top right corner of the comment if it was replied to from an email, like mine right here :blush:

Gonna bump this as I see another person replying via e-mail having the same issue, but they say that they do not have a signature set up on their e-mail. I’d suggest not replying via e-mail and just come directly to the forum just to be safe.


Or replying via email just doesn’t even work for me; I’m not one of the cool kids. It’s interesting that it’s pulling a signature from a mysterious place, though.

I found a couple threads on their site where they were working on it but nothing solid. Maybe ask the person to contact PGJared to let him know?

I never even attempted replying via email but yeah I should have told them to contact Jared when I saw it. I’ll try to find it (it’s recent I bumped this right after I saw it).

@PGJared - can reply via email be disabled for privacy reasons?

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It does work for me, I just touch reply and we need to remember to delete the content added (previous conversation in the mail) so it doesn’t send it. Either disable it in your mailbox or in the forum. Though if this issue come back again it may be a better idea to disable replies through email indeed.

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