Important Threads to find everything you need

I realized that there are many posts from new players about old topics and guides.

This is a compendium of very useful guides, statistics and tips and tricks from this forum and fan websites:


Guides and Resources

Base Building & Defending

Dragon Breeding & Spells

Events & Seasons



External Websites

  1. Breeding: Breeding/Dragon Lookup
  2. Dragons: Dragon Stats
  3. Buildings: Building Stats
  4. Player Level Info: Player Level and XP/RSS/Mission Caps
  5. Egg Token Combos: Breeding pairs for builder/research eggs
  6. Dragon Runes: Stats on Dragon Runes
  7. Building Runes: Stats on Building Runes
  1. Outdated content removed
  2. Game Info: Drop Chances, Research Egg Combos & General Stats
  1. Home: Everything about WD
  2. Gameplay Guides: Zeppelin Missions & Farms
  3. Game Basics: Defending, Towers & Runes
  4. Atlas: Guides & More
  5. Dragons: Breeding, Check-In, Runes & Spells
  6. Bases: Buildings & Towers
  7. Events: Minor & Major Event Guides
  8. Seasons: Season Info
  9. Wars: War Basics, Participation & Waves
  10. Tools & Links: Database, Calcs & Planners
  11. The Geeks: Makers & Comments
  1. Home: Announcements, Giveaways & Social
  2. Academy: Help for Beginners
  3. Calendar: Calendar for Events, Giveaways & Streams
  4. Links: Bases, Dragons, Events & More

Those were all I could think of right now, feel free to add some more. I hope this will help old and new players :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you so much.


Put red’s FAQ on there too.


Could add the dragon flying and defending guides too


I’d say definitely add the awesome one for how to fly Hau, since she’s such a tricky dragon to master. I’d consider myself to be so-so at flying her outside of xp bases. (I tend to crash and burn horribly at least half the time lol)


@Grumpybigbird @ShadowsOfBirds @LizDrakemoor could you provide me the links please?

Though it is a part of the .info website, a link to the War Dragons Academy may not be amiss in this thread.


Just this one


Indeed a great thread!
Added :+1:t2:

Academy Added :+1:t2:

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This should be it:


Very nice!
Added :+1:t2:

If you wouldn’t mind, under announcements, giveaways and social, could you add a link to my Creators content?
Alleviates has not added me to her CF section of her fan site.

Hey, I hope you don‘t mind if I keep this slightly less social media focused and more focused on an easy compilation of links to knowledge-bases, guides and threads.

I also don‘t want to make this a dublicate of Red‘s great FAQ thread, on which your Instagram has a direct link :slight_smile:
Basically her thread already covers my favorite threads and links and I only took my thread to the new forums because several players asked me to :sweat_smile:

The sections below External Websites are only meant as an indexation of the website‘s content/sub-sites.

I understand that, just figured giveaways could include my giveaways too. But no worries

Yes they should, although that would be up to the site admin of WD Info. I thought the CF members sort of work together, maybe Alleviates can add you on the website?

Or if you‘re willing to create a forum thread with all social media accounts of CF members, streamers, giveaway makers and youtubers, I could add it under a new “News & Social” header.
That way I can keep the thread content orientated, not people orientated :slight_smile:

That is not a bad idea!

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Just putting this out here, do whatever you want with it bro :slight_smile:


Added this in place of the outdated guide :+1:t2: