Impose a level restriction on League Chat?

Not going to sugarcoat this, I cannot stand folks taking over League Chat with garbage. From what I have seen these are primarily new(ish) accounts with nothing better to do than cause the Community agita. In my opinion only folks with skin in the game should be chatting on League Chat, that it should be unlocked after a certain base level is achieved. What do you think?

  • Keep League Chat as it is
  • Impose a level restriction on League Chat

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The newbies might need help navigating the game.


I have seen plenty of high level jerks as well.


League chat is the only place where low levels like me can talk to high level player and learn new things. And now you want change it?

Why? Should every single low level player create x forum threads to ask basic things, instead of asking in league chat.

Sorry but, your idea make no sense to me. I also agree @DerangedSkrill


Sorry, but if there was a dislike button, I would use it here lol. If players need help, a lot of times they’ll ask LC to get the answers. Not to mention there are plenty of higher levels who have the same agenda as well…not just lower levels. So yeah, don’t think that this would work.


Sorry i disagree with this. LC as bad as it can be can also be used to help folks out. Sure it may be a more rare occurrence in certain leagues, but in others i’ve seen good help :+1:


Well that poll didn‘t turn out so well for the dictato… I mean OP :joy:


Dictators do not take polls, and I am simply trying to make this game better.

And will continue to do so.


Diamond used to do this by force “is that someone under level 200 trying to talk” :joy: those were fun times

It doesn’t matter to me. I’m banned from LC. But I can assure if, if I wasn’t, I’d be one of those high level players that aren’t useful to anyone not needing a good laugh.

Diamond is not a nice place. :face_with_monocle:

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How long is the ban suppose to last? And what did you do to deserve the ban? :eyes:

Terrible idea, and that’s coming from someone that’s got a couple alts lingering in Bronze having to listen to all that nonsense.

Excluding lower levels from the community would make it even more difficult for new players to learn. Even as an established team or player raises in league and level, there is more to learn. LC is the main outlet for community communication.
You are welcome to create your own group where you can invite people to have your own form of LC where you can exclude or include whomever.

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If we set the minimum level for this at 700, I’d support it.


It’s a permanent Global LC ban. It’s going on 27 months now.


Global LC … as in you can still chatter in your division LC?

No. As in all LCs. No matter League or team status. That’s what the email said in November of 2015 when I earned the ban.

Wow, I’ve never met someone permanently banned from LC before. :flushed::flushed::flushed:

It’s a special treat

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