Impossible Primarch Buffs

Every season a few players get impossible (>25%) primarch buffs, tickets have been raised by multiple players but nothing has happened about them.

Currently there are at least 7 players with up to 50% primarch buff. Anyone who fights these loses a lot more troops than they should.

@PGGalileo can you please try and persuade your development team to fix this? It would be easy to write a batch job to check and correct the buffs. Or should we all just raise a ticket every time we meet them to get compensated for our extra troop loss?

Last time I checked:

Player A has 30% buff for both trapper and taunter
Player B has 30% buff for trapper
Player C has 30% buff for trapper
Player D has 40% buff for both destroyer and taunter
Player E has 35% buff for destroyer
Player F has 50% buff for destroyer
Player G has 45% buff for taunter

Note: This looks like a random bug, and not an exploit. Though there is at least one player who appears to have been lucky for 2 seasons in a row (which looks a little suspicious).




If you’ve opened a ticket, the ticket number would be helpful so Gal/Timber can easily look into it


Are you just looking at their stats or the details page? If they are parked on a 5tA castle they get a fort buff which could take their stats past the amount of a maxed buffed in NML.

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This is in addition to the fort buff. You can see the additional stats in game and via the API.

They get a way better kill ratio than they should because of this.

For example:


Yep definitely bugged. I think it happens when you get rollbacks on your line from the server not keeping up, somehow the line gets rolled back but the bonuses stick.