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@PGDave suggested to post a chat here about improving the in game chat. So here it is. The in game chat is obviously seriously lacking not to mention the language barriers that exist because there is no in game translator.

Have seen many ideas through the years so please all post your thoughts here for the devs to look at.
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Tell me, what kind of ultimate web-translator could offer you anything useful when the majority of the chat entries are:

  • full of typos / spelling errors
  • abbreviations
  • slang

Okay, you can get closer to what other people say, yet still so far…

I don’t have any experience with it myself but have other players say other games have a translator in game. It would be the same as with English typos, you either figure it out from context or you ask them to repeat it.

6 years ago I had to ask 3 coworkers to figure out what the “I would of” meant… Well, good luck with that :stuck_out_tongue:

If it’s undefined words like typo and abbreviations, let it be as it is.
Probably using tag or keyword for triggering the translation

Let’s be able to post pics!




Very bad idea. I vision the future when phallic images and other nonsense floods the lower league chat.


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How about the ability to copy/paste out of chat so people can use whatever translator they want?

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To me the in game chat is like the clock in your car. It doesn’t matter if you have a $4m car or a $4k car, the 15 cent clock has never been a distinguishable feature and shall endeavor to stay “adequate” for eternity.

(Yes I know Tesla and a few others have recently changed but my point remains)

Chat doesn’t distinguish any games yet. It’s infrastructure and likely considered not worth wasting time on.

But what if we treated it like it mattered?

I have seen a few games incorporate an in game translator that while it had many flaws allowed language barriers to be somewhat ignored.

But most all teams use some superior 3rd party app, typically line to communicate.

Reasons being

  1. screenshots can be shared
  2. ability to announce
  3. ability to create notes/albums and other permanent reference material
  4. ability to be contacted when not in the game
  5. group chats that are manageable

Probably some other reasons.

I would love it if PG were to engage line for a 3rd party plugin/integration where in game chat was also line chat. Imagine how much of a game
Changer that could be. (Or discord or anything really that worked well on mobile)

But alas, it’s only but a dream.


I would love the ability to turn off league chat. I have great teammates and really enjoy chatting with them in team chat and through Line. League chat is another story. I do my best to ignore it because it’s often offensive or irrelevant. Alas, it continuously scrolls across my screen and often blocks out a team chat that I would rather see. An on/off toggle in settings would be great. Let those who like it keep it turned on and let the rest of us turn it off.


Put in Copy/Paste and I’ll use my own translator. And the ability to block that mind-numbing, inane chatter on LC is a must, IMHO.

I would like to be able to chat while i fly. Maybe an opaque keyboard? Talk-2-txt? Also, i would like to be able to chat while defending. Something like “i have no defense boosts, you drop all shields and hammers, ill drop all swords and hammers” would be helpful.

Also, the little chat window at the bottom of my screen is always showing the very topmost message. And sometimes its of a rarely used group chat so for 7 days in a row i’ll have the same stupid messge there. OR it displays league chat and that isnt useful to me, and im betting most of you agree.

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There was another similar post. Here is my comment from that post. For easier reading, click my name in the box below (it will expand and show formatting).

Here is a link to the other post, which is still open.

Ask. Game of war developers, they seemed to have it well in hand

Hey folks,

Thanks for all your feedback and suggestions so far! @PGMyth and I will be monitoring this thread to collect all the input shared to see what we can do to make chat better. So please keep them coming, and let us know if you have any questions.


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