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Because War Dragons is a game that is played by people around the world, it is inevitable that issues in communication between players will arrive due to language barrier. In the old forums, there were posts asking about the possibility of an in game translator function that would translate messages into the langauge chosen by the player. There was apparently not enough requests from the player base to impliment such a system.

I was wondering if it would instead be possible to make it so the text of a single post in any of the chats (League chat, team chat, or a private group chat) could be coppied and added to the clipboard of our various devices. This would make it a lot easier and quicker to use a translator app, especially if the device is capable of the new multitaksing functionality of iOS 11. It is easy enough to type a simple message into the google translate app while it is open over the war dragons app and translate it into another user’s language. It is a lot more time consuming to have to type the entirety of their reply into the app to know what was said in response.

Translator in the game
Translation button
Put Copy/Paste into CHATS
We need translate option in this game

Being able to copy text would be helpful. I would like this too.


@PGJared @PgCampusLifer

Agreed, just copy text functionality would make translation a lot easier.


I like the idea but have been working around this for a while. Google translate app has the ability to select text from a screenshot as well. You upload the pic, highlight the text in question and viola, instant translation.

It isn’t always the most accurate translation as I was told from a teammate who spoke Italian, but you are able to understand what was said and even respond somewhat accurately.


That does work while you still have the game open. Only issue is you have to know what language is being translated, since “detect language” doesn’t work with pictures (or at least it didn’t when I tried doing it). Also if you do the screenshot upload while in the game by taking advantage of iOS 11’s multitasking functionality, the screenshot texts is so small it’s hard to tell what to highlight.

If we could copy the text directly without having to do a screenshot, we could paste it into the translator even if we didn’t know what language it was.


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